, an organization backed by the European Commission to discover the most promising innovations in Europe and connect them with investors, will host a sustainability e-pitching themed event for the best Seal of Excellence companies from the last “Green Deal Call for proposals” on the 10th of September from 3-5 pm. The companies have been selected from more than 4000 applicants which applied to win €2.5m out of a total budget of over €300m from the EC.

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For more information about the 8 companies that will be pitching, see the below list or follow us here

Pili makes colouring dyes used in today’s manufacturing and food industry greener and more sustainable for e-pitching. The company produces industry-grade dyes using a biological process involving single-cell organisms that generate dyes as a by-product of their feeding cycle and reproduction cycle. Through such a process the company aims to reduce the environmental impact caused by artificially produced dyes worldwide. Pili has been already gaining a lot of attention from the media and potential customers worldwide and has more than 60 customers lined up for the beginning of large-scale production.
Capital sought: €5-10m to invest in a large-scale plant

Building Material Mapping
GeoFluxus is an AI platform that maps, analyses, and predicts where, how, and which construction materials can be saved from becoming waste. GeoFluxus has been able to significantly reduce waste treatment costs for the seller (+60%), whilst providing a much cheaper (40% purchasing costs) and greener sourcing solution for the buyer (95% of CO2 per year in comparison to the virgin material purchase). Until now, the company has proven its technology in pilots together with the city of Amsterdam and the Rabobank. €110k have been raised in a pre-seed round.
Capital sought: €1.6m for business & sales development

Product Management
Makersite is a cloud-based SaaS platform enabling real-time assessment of supply chains. Its product management platform creates “digital twins” of physical products and analyses all dimensions in regulatory compliance, environmental impact, supply risk, and cost of production. The competitive advantage of Makersite is based on its real-time data combined with AI and fully external tools integration. The company is already operating and generating revenues at an increasing rate thanks to growing market size and an experienced team (expertise in product data and start-up launch).
Capital sought: €2m to scale up sales

AgeVolt is building a democratization system for electric vehicle charging shifting the current paradigm pursued by the companies in the field. On top of the classical HW for charging, the company focus on the SW platform enabling customers to turn their private charger into a shared economy device. Therefore, prices of the charging will be held low by the forces of competition and the whole society will have access to cheaper charging. In order to deliver the turn-key solution, AgeVolt focuses a lot of its efforts on the critical management of power used from the grid.
Capital sought: €1.7m to finalize the second type of the charger and roll out the platform

HVAC / Automotive
Skytree’s vision is to develop practical, easily deployable carbon removal solutions in daily life applications. Skytree’s first product more than halves the load on HVAC systems in electric vehicles (EVs), enables a 20% increase in EV range and blocks >80% of air pollution from entering the cabin, improving air quality.
R&D contracts have been closed with leading OEMs and several simulations have been conducted by the highly qualified team. €1.6m have been raised so far.
Capital sought: €3m to accelerate time-to-market

Agriculture/ Food
BiomassProtein offers a franchise agreement, allowing local and regional farmers to establish a sustainable plant protein factory. The technology extracts plant proteins from one of the most commonly available and inexpensive green crops: grass. Plant-based protein can be used to produce different products: functional food protein, feed protein, organic fertilizer. Protein production has been validated at a pilot scale with the market launch planned in 2023. >€1m has been raised for pilot production.
Capital sought: €1.5-2m for reaching market launch

Envola provides an energy-efficient heating and cooling system significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  Envola‘s climate technology consumes 40% less energy, consistently supports renewable energies through storage and networking, reduces CAPEX by 30%. Over the next years, the global market for HVAC systems will grow at an attractive rate. Starting from $181.0bn in 2018, the market is expected to grow to $251.6bn by 2023. The company is fully owned by the founders, which have invested a significant amount, and has not raised external funding yet.
Capital sought: €3m to go to market and scale the team

Energy production
IBIS Power provides revolutionary and innovative renewable energy solutions with the highest impact on society. The company combines wind and solar energy generation with their innovative hardware solution placed on the top of residential buildings. Thanks to the innovative combination of the two power sources the company is able to make residential blocks almost fully self-sustainable in terms of energy usage. IBIS Power has already been installing its breakthrough solutions on multiple pilot project sites with great outcomes.
Capital sought: €5m for certification, IT automation and mass production