European CleanTech has become a hot topic attracting interest from both startups and investors. 

As VC investments in the vertical keep growing, companies around Europe working on sustainable statrups are emerging at a faster pace. This leads to an increasing number of solutions to combat the climate crisis. From sustainable batteries (Northvolt, $1.8bn in total funding) and electric aerial vehicles (Lilium, $413m in total funding) to plant-based nutrition (Infarm, $304m in total funding) and refurbished devices marketplaces (BackMarket, $176m in total funding). 

At the same time, the European Union is deploying vast support frameworks for ground-breaking impact innovations with non-dilutive funds, pushing them from the research labs to the market. The R&D budget of the European Commission for 2021-2027 amounts to €444bn and aims to support high-potential green startups, offering an unprecedented opportunity for investors as the companies are not only market-ready with proven technologies but also have clean cap tables. 

But which sustainable startups precisely should be on your radar according to VC experts sourcing deals using our big data platform, which has direct access to the EU’s internal database?  

“With so many teams working on cutting-edge technologies across Europe, data-powered initiatives that can both facilitate curated access to capital and increase visibility in the market are very much welcomed.”

Miruna-Ioana Girtu

Venture Partner at SyndicateRoom

“Investing in promising early-stage cleantech companies has been greatly de-risked thanks to the EU support schemes where the grants cover the most crucial parts of the product validation.”

Thijs Povel

Managing Partner at

“The challenges we face will require us to innovate at an unprecedented speed. is an essential tool to increase transparency and decrease informational arbitrage.”

Nick de la Forge

Co-Founder / Partner at Planet A Ventures

Here is a selection of 14 sustainable startups to watch according to the VC experts, also visible on our platform :

If you want to get in contact with any of the startups, please feel free to contact [email protected].
Enerpoly Enerpoly is a next-generation energy storage technology company pioneering rechargeable zinc-ion battery chemistry. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €2.4M
Teraloop Teraloop is an innovative grid-scale energy storage system that can provide a future alternative to batteries by balancing the natural supply and demand variation of energy. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: 4M
SafetyNet Technologies SafetyNet tackles the problem of marine resource sustainability by enabling precision fishing with its advanced light emitting and sensing devices. Its solution reduces bycatch by up to 90% and collects valuable environmental data that benefits not only the fishing industry and beyond. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €2.3M
Bioo Bioo generates electricity from nature. In addition to powering small appliances at home, Bioo Sensor offers a patented solution for IoT in agriculture that is cheaper, more autonomous, more reliable, and more sustainable. With numerous awards and backing from the EU, Bioo is now seeking to grow exponentially. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €2.5M
SpinDrive SpinDrive provides tailored active magnetic bearing systems for original equipment manufacturers. They are able to drastically reduce customer lifetime costs by increasing end-use energy efficiency. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €600K
madebymade madebymade develops a scalable solution to produce location-independent, sustainable and regional insect protein. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €1.7M
Mycorena Mycorena develops Promyc, a sustainable fungi-based protein, while reducing waste and water usage in food industry. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €270k
X1 Wind X1 Wind is a self-orientating floating design system that reduces the weight and minimizes the costs of installation and maintenance, making floating wind competitive. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €4.25M

KEYOU KEYOU has redesigned the traditional internal combustion engine enabling it to run on hydrogen as a sustainable and clean fuel, bringing about a quantum leap in propulsion development. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €1.5M  
KoalaLifter KoalaLifter is a disruptive self-climbing system that uses the strength of the wind turbine tower as support to climb up the turbine. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €2.6M

Beridi Beridi developed and patented a highly innovative concrete-based platform for the safest and most efficient installation of offshore wind turbines. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €3.37m

Brite Solar Brite Solar is a nanomaterials company utilizing innovative materials and deposition techniques to deliver a new class of glass materials for building construction. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €5.87m
DazeTechnology Daze Technology has developed DazePlug the first totally autonomous conductive charging system for Electric Vehicles (EV) to automate EV recharge. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €2.5M
b4plastics sustainable startup
B4Plastics B4Plastics is a Polymer Architecture company, catalyzing the introduction of novel biomaterials, and growing them from niche to bulk applications. Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €3.4M

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