About Us

We’re a
venture builder.


We have access to the internal databases of the EU which allows us to find the most promising startups in Europe.
These projects have recognised, huge scale-up potential, and have already been kickstarted by the EU so have invested resources to grow. These pre-funded companies are ready to go to market. This is the most interesting time for an investor to get involved as it minimises investment risk.
Our big-data platform allows investors to intuitively search for and discover EU-funded startups and innovations.

We’re a sparring partner.

We get involved with our selected startups from the ground up, adding value to:

• The offer

• Company presentation

• Pitch deck

• Fundraising

• Introductions to investors

We have a trusted network.

Startups can trust us to introduce them effectively to the right investors, partners and corporates.

Investors can rely on the quality of our portfolio.