About Us

We’re a
venture builder.


We have access to the internal databases of the EU which allows us to find the most promising startups in Europe.

These projects have recognised, huge scale-up potential, and have already been kickstarted by the EU so have invested resources to grow. These pre-funded companies are ready to go to market. This is the most interesting time for an investor to get involved as it minimises investment risk.

Our big-data platform allows investors to intuitively search for and discover EU-funded startups and innovations.


We’re a sparring partner.

We get involved with our selected startups from the ground up, adding value to:

• The offer

• Company presentation

• Pitch deck

• Fundraising

• Introductions to investors

We have a trusted network.

Startups can trust us to introduce them effectively to the right investors, partners and corporates.

Investors can rely on the quality of our portfolio.

Our Team

We’re not the finance guys, we’re a team of highly analytical entrepeneurs with a proven track-record of success.

We recognise that potential of the most exciting startups by analysing themes, products and trends.

We’re very hands on, collaborating with business owners and their teams to refine the details of their offer, and finding the right talent to support their pathway to growth. We understand these businesses to their core.

Here’s who you will meet first when you speak with DealFlow.

Thijs Povel

Thijs has 10 years’ experience in venture capital and private equity, across Europe. He primarily funded and managed companies in the fintech, enterprise software, communication and academic sectors and has a background in Physics.

Eric Büchli

Investment Analyst

Responsible for Sourcing
Opportunities and Companies Support

Eric joined Dealflow.eu in January 2020 and has been mostly involved with the investors outreach and the IT infrastructure. He studied at the University of St. Gallen and the London Business School. Between his studies he worked at UBS in the Investment Banking division on the ETD and DCM divisions. Having visited more than 40 countries, Eric is also an avid traveler.

Elena Orbetsova

Investment Analyst

Responsible for Sourcing
Opportunities and Companies Support

Elena holds an MSc degree in Infrastructure Investment and Finance from University College London. Before joining Dealflow.eu Elena worked as an Investment Analyst and has held various financial advisory roles prior to that.

Mattia Briganti
Investment Analyst

Responsible for Sourcing
Opportunities and Companies Support

Mattia is a Double Masters Degree student at ESCP and Politecnico di Torino.
He holds a bachelor in IT Engineering and has worked for 8 months at Amazon as Financial Analyst before joining Dealflow.

Daniel Wu
Venture Consultant

Daniel is a passionate about new ideas and innovation. Following his experience as a Tech analyst in investment banking and in early stage VC, he joined Deloitte Digital focusing on venture building with experience on innovation across various industries.

Benjamin Borrow
Venture Manager

Ben has 6 years strategy consulting experience with a focus on digital products, platforms, and transformation. Amongst other degrees, he an holds a MSc. Hons from the Bavarian Elite Academy’s Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) & a MSc. From the Technical University of Munich.

Carla Filip

Venture Consultant

Responsible for Companies
Support and Media.

Carla is a visiting consultant at Deloitte and a bachelor student of business psychology in Stuttgart. She has gained experience in innovation management at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and Mercedes-Benz AG, among others.

Yoram Wijngaarde

Global data platform to identify & track promising companies. Top-tier venture capital funds, corporates and governments use our software and data to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Matthieu Demolin
Head of Ecosystems & Partnerships

Europe leading database about startups, investors, and tech-related investment.Our core business is to identify and track the most promising companies.

Orla Browne
Head of Content

Dealflow.eu is a project supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program.

We are a passionate consortium comprising Deloitte Digital GmbH, Dealroom and H.I. Capital.