E-pitching event | Best EU-backed Biotech innovators  

Discover Europe’s most disruptive Biotech innovators with pioneering businesses and great growth potential in the fields of human and animal health, neurotechnology, pharmaceutics, and agriculture! Together with the European Commission, Dealflow.eu is thrilled to welcome this e-pitching event organised together with EurA AG, on 18 October 2022, from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM (CET), to find the most promising Biotech innovators. 

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The Biotech industry is growing in the EU and is an increasingly attractive market due to the spread of relevant hubs in different countries and fields; leading academia and industry knowledge to develop R&D +I; and plenty of skilled talent. It is a sector with great growth opportunities for companies in Europe, with many applications, such as healthcare, pharmaceutics, agriculture, aquaculture, livestock, veterinary, industrial processes, and manufacturing.   

The investment in European biotech has tripled over the last decade, and the rise of important European Venture Capital funds also translated into three times more available VC. Compared to the US, EU companies benefit from lower pre-money valuations, besides other advantages such as access to research programs, grants, equity-free funding, and statal R&D tax credits, which adds to the outstanding potential of the EU biotech economy.  


During the e-pitching event, the following six startups and innovators will introduce their innovative business cases.   


Most Groundbreaking Biotech Innovators: 

BIOPIX-T  – BioTech/HealthTech 

Portable (point-of-care) molecular diagnostic device for the detection of pathogens and mutations in human healthcare but also a platform which can be used for, veterinary, food and industrial applications. Point of need/care testing is the future of diagnostics, leading to better healthcare through the facilitation of more frequent screening due to lower cost and broader accessibility, and thus to a faster response to any underlying issue.  

Funded by EU-H2020, to bring the innovation from the lab to the market, for COVID19 & FLU-A. Already CE-IVD certified and revenue-generating. Established and grew its distribution networks in Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. New products pipeline.  

€5M sought – Greece.  


BITBRAIN  – Neurotech/High-tech solutions for real-world applications 

Bitbrain combines neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and hardware to develop cutting-edge technology. Their research was supported by R&D European programs. Bitbrain permanent staff has contributed to over 200 research papers and the company has been recognized with several national and international awards. Today, with the knowledge acquired after 12 years of collaborating with the top leading research institutions in the world, Bitbrain visualizes a future where their technology enters the medical environment improving people’s health and quality of life. 

1 European & 1 national patent. €4.5M of EU funding secured. 

€2.5M sought – Spain.  



Cherry Biotech – Biotech   

Alternative to animal experiments, Cherry Biotech develops a platform to better predict drug effects on the human body based on our patented 3D cell culture Organ on chip technology. With their CubiX Platform and proprietary biological models, they help pharma/biotechs in their early drug development phases and Hospitals to perform a therapeutic evaluation before administration to patients. 

Winner of the EIC Transition award. Partnered with key pharma companies and academic centres like Novo Nordisk, Sanofi and Gustave Roussy.  

€5M sought – France. 


GENSPEED Biotech – Biotech/Diagnostics 

The GENSPEED® technology enables next-generation multiplex Point-of-Care Testing. The patented combination of microfluidics and miniaturised optoelectronics allows fully automated quantification of up to 8 biomarkers in parallel in 15 minutes at the Point-of-Care in lab quality.  

10% of Austrian pharmacies use GENSPEEDs multiplex immune status tests. Partner with global players in human and veterinary diagnostics, orthopaedics and pharma.  

€5M sought – Austria. 


INOQ – Biotechnology (Plant Biostimulants for sustainable agriculture)

Pioneer (20+ years) developer of microbial-based biostimulants. Specialised in Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi. INOQ´s competitive advantage consists of Innovation & Quality. The patented production process allows INOQ to produce high-quality and highly concentrated mycorrhiza formulations. INOQ has been recognised as one of the top innovative firms in Europe by the EC and the German government. INOQ has collaborated on more than 45 R&I projects with world-class universities. INOQ is the world´s top tested mycorrhiza company by the most prestigious research institutes across the world (cited in 90+ publications from top journals).

INOQ is one of the few selected members of the CEN standardisation committee to define the quality control process for CE-marked mycorrhizal products. Also a member of the DIN quality standardisation committee in Germany.

€15M sought – GERMANY.


Vetbiobank – Biotech/Animal Health   

Vetbiobank is a French veterinary regenerative medicine company. Since 2011, they developed cost-effective animal stem cell drugs for treating multiple chronic inflammatory diseases and promoting animal well-being. Their innovative drug show long-term efficacy, high safety profile and no observance issue.  

The unique French GMP laboratory for biomanufacturing animal cell therapies. 2 contracts (1 signed, 1 under discussion) with TOP 10 global animal health pharma companies to develop (clinical studies ongoing) and commercialise our flagship products in canine osteoarthritis and feline stomatitis.  

 €10M sought – FRANCE. 


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