E-pitching event | Best EU-backed Food & Agritech innovators  


Discover Europe’s most disruptive Food and Agritech innovators with pioneering businesses and great growth potential in the fields of Foodtech, Agriculture 4.0 and Fertilisation! Together with the European Commission, Dealflow.eu is thrilled to welcome this e-pitching event organised together with EurA AG, on 13 December 2022, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CET), to find the most promising Food and Agritech innovators.

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According to Dealroom.co, the food tech sector has been growing steadily and the 2022 values, despite reflecting the public market volatility and being lower than in 2021, are 45% higher than in 2020. The most funded categories are food delivery, supermarkets and alternative protein – with the latter also contributing to environmental sustainability.

Food is a major sector of the European Green Deal through the Farm to Fork Strategy an initiative to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly. Besides a legislative framework for sustainable food systems and a contingency plan to ensure food supply and food security, the European Union will support the transition to fair and sustainable agri-food systems through its trade policies and international cooperation instruments. Advisory services, financial instruments, research and innovation are key to overcoming barriers, revealing new market opportunities and accelerating the transition.


During the e-pitching event, the following five startups and innovators will introduce their innovative business cases.  


Most Groundbreaking Food and Agritech Innovators: 

AgristarBio Environmental Solutions – Fertilisation/Agtech/Cleantech

AgristarBio makes organic mineral fertiliser from organic waste recycling all organic matter and nutrients, with no emissions or subproducts. They customise the nutrients (N-P-K) balance and release a premium fertiliser that avoids nitrogen emissions, eutrophication of water, salinization or acidification of soil while it promotes its microbiology and health. The sources of waste range from livestock to wastewater treatment plants.

Financed by EIT Food, EIT Raw Materials and EIC SME Instrument (phase 1), closed the first contract for the first factory with a listed paper pulp company and has secured a grant for half the CAPEX of such unit.

€2.5M sought – Portugal.


eniferBio – Biotech/Foodtech

Developing the world’s most competitive alternative protein. Based on the PEKILO fungal fermentation process developed in Finland originally already in the 70s, eniferBio’s solution allows the upcycling of agricultural industry by-products into high-protein ingredients.

Winner of Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge, Tesco Agri-T Jam, Tech Tour Sustainability. Partnering with Nutreco, Tereos, Nestlé-Purina, Valio.

€5M sought – Finland.



Frontier Connect – AgTech/GreenTech/CleanTech

Frontier Connect is developing end2end solutions (hardware IoT products and software services) for AgTech and GreenTech markets. Their solutions integrate 5G technologies, Agriculture 4.0 use cases, CarbonFarming (including Carbon projects management & MRV) and Blockchain.

They were part of many European projects and had big partners like Post, Orange, LIST and Sodexo.

€2.5M sought – Romania.


Sonicat Systems [Honey.AI] – FoodTech 

Affordable digital microscope to perform automated food quality analysis with computer vision and AI. The solution is currently focused on the honey industry, specifically designed for the end-users (not labs), to conduct faster, cheaper, and more reproducible analyses, such as the pollen one.

EIT Food Innovation award – Selected by diverse key accelerators such as AWS, NVIDIA and EIT FOOD FAN – Early adopters in 5 countries.

€0.4M sought – Spain.


Wings ICT Solutions – Aquaculture/Agriculture

WINGS, based on its vast expertise in IoT, 5G, AI and XR, develops innovative solutions for key verticals: air quality, water/energy, transportation and logistics, aquaculture, agriculture, industry 4.0, health and defence. In the area of aquaculture, WINGS has developed a platform for optimising aquaculture, in terms of production quality/quantity /wellness, and cost and environmental footprint minimisation. 

A fast-growing company, delivering high-tech and high-quality solutions, in various sectors. Numerous prizes, distinctions and cooperations with large companies.

€2M sought – Greece.


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