Second Sustainability e-pitching event 2022   

Discover Europe’s most encouraging Sustainability innovators with pioneering businesses and great growth potential, while being ecologically responsible! Together with the European Commission, is thrilled to welcome this e-pitching event organised together with EurA AG, on16 September 2022, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CET), to find the most promising Sustainability innovator 

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With the European Green Deal, Europe is aiming to become the first climate neutral continent by 2030 and it is up to leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups to make it happen. Twenty percent of the world’s biggest companies have made “net zero before 2050” vows. Customers are claiming responsibility from brands, and sustainable commodities are watching greater growth rates than their non-sustainable competitors. Ecological and clean tech are now in demand, establishing opportunity-rich industries.

The European Union is assuming an ambitious leadership position, by dedicating legislation and significant budget to support and fund ground-breaking innovations ready to scale up. 

 During the e-pitching event, the following six startups and innovators will introduce their innovative business cases


Most Groundbreaking Sustainability Innovators: 

BatteryCheck – Battery lifecycle analytics 

BatteryCheck helps companies understand the batteries they use inside of their devices. Provides an accurate primary and 2nd life battery assessment and optimises usage to address batteries’ unpredictability and environmental hazards with its “Google Analytics” for batteries. 

EU Seal of Excellence in 2020. 2 pending patents. Part of Microsoft for Startups.  

€1m sought – Czech Republic  

HeatVentors – Sustainability / Energy saving / Energy storage   

Their solution HeatTank is the new revolution of thermal batteries which saves 20-50% energy with 3-5 years ROI. With the HeatTank, it is possible to generate energy only when it is the most efficient, store it and use the energy when it is less efficient to produce it. 

Sold systems in Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Indonesia. Average ROI 3.5 years. Winner of PowerUp! international competition. Certified by Solar Impulse Foundation. 

€1.5M sought – Hungary. 


Nodes – Energy Marketplace 

NODES is helping speed up the energy transition, enabling a smarter, greener more sustainable future by creating a more efficient grid where flexibility is easily accessible. Through their technology platform, their customers can: save money and defer investment, make money, create a more efficient energy system and enable an environment for the creation of new business models.  

Winner of the “Star of Energy Efficiency Award” in partnership with Microsoft and Agder Energi. Projects were established in Norway, Sweden, UK, Canada, Germany and Spain.  

€5m sought – Norway. 

Omniflow – Smart City / IoT / AI 

Omniflow helps cities and organisations to reduce more than 90% of the power consumption and carbon footprint through their Smart IoT Lamppost powered by wind and solar. The solution is capable of hosting multiple added-value applications like 5G Small Cells, Edge Computing, and Computer Vision and delivers high-quality data and recurring revenues. 

Market traction in 35 countries. Winner of the Solar Impulse label and part of AWS sustainable cities programme. 

€5M sought – Portugal. 

Technovator –Deep tech / Wireless charging technology / Automotive / Consumer electronics / Healthcare 

They invented a new method of energy transfer based on energy quantisation. Their certified technology can prolong battery life and eliminate cables. Their disruptive wireless charging technology can change at least several industries: automotive/aviation, consumer electronics, healthcare, etc. The technology can charge low and high-power devices simultaneously at a distance with high efficiency in any environmental conditions. The company is ready to pilot the technology. 

Winner of the Go Global AWARD.  The Seal of Excellence Horizon 2020, phase 2. Winner of Polish Award of Intelligent Development. Finalist of My Galileo Drone. Signed NDAs and MOUs. 

2,4M sought – Poland. 

V-Chiller – Commercial Refrigeration 

V-Chiller is a fridge that offers on-demand/rapid cooling for beverages in a few seconds, saving up to 50% energy and iseco-friendly, the Technology is based on Vacuum cooling which is the most efficient and economical method of cooling.  

Successfully completed a pilot with (Coca-Cola HBC Poland) and currently running pilots with the two biggest beverage manufacturers worldwide (The Coca-Cola Company & AB InBev)  

€3M sought –Hungary. 

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