With one of the world’s largest R&D budgets, the European Commission is enabling thousands of cutting-edge startups to be developed. This non-dilutive funding creates a unique opportunity for early-stage VC funds to invest in highly innovative, de-risked businesses with developed products that still have clean cap tables and low valuations.

Until recently, these companies were extremely difficult to discover and connect with. For this reason, the EU has given Dealflow access to its internal databases with the mission to select the best startups that benefited from EU funding and to help them scale-up and partner with the right investors.

Dealflow – Innovative startups currently fundraising:

Makersite is a digital twin platform for managing and improving product development & supply chains.

Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €0.5M

Capital sought: €2M

Material Mapper created an AI/ML-powered search & forecasting tool to facilitate project planning and re-use of building materials.

Capital sought: €3M

MOMM Diagnostics develops diagnostic tests based on biosensor technology. The first http://www.slaterpharmacy.com product is a single blood-drop test for preeclampsia.

Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €1.1M

Capital sought: €0.5M


SDS Optic provides a hardware tool for On-Spot cancer diagnosis meant to replace invasive biopsies performed today.

Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €4M

Capital sought: €5M