While founders would prefer converting a new customer than modelling future revenues, compelling Fundraising & Investor Material support can make or break the fundraising process – and by extension influence the long-term chances of a company’s success.

Dealflow has been actively supporting a number of startups in their fundraising process with fundraising & investor material preparation. Once accepted into the Dealflow portfolio, we work with startups to support their individual needs. This may take one of the following formats:

Investor Decks: In one form or another, our portfolio companies will have prepared slide decks to raise capital – or at the very least – have sales conversations. Dealflow’s team comprising consultants and analysts from Deloitte Digital Ventures (Deloitte’s dedicated Company Builder) and HI Capital work with our portfolio companies on investor deck storylines, quality control and content (covered in more detail below). For some startups, feedback and slight tweaking might be welcome, for others, wholesale deck creation may be necessary to enable the founders to sell their company’s story compellingly to future investors.

Strategy & Content: It’s one thing to have an investor deck. It is another thing altogether for those decks to include validated market size estimates, competitive https://canadianpharmacy365.net  landscapes, pricing explanations and go-to-market plans. Working with startups on these content- and strategy-heavy topics, Dealflow ensures the contents of the investor materials are fair and valuable data points to potential investors.

Financial Modelling: Hand-in-hand with the investor deck, Dealflow also supports startups to make financial projections based on leading market research resources in combination with a startup’s actual financial performance. Again, the level of support required will depend on the startup – but for early, highly technical teams – this kind of financial validation will not only help with discussions with investors but also form a basis for company expansion and milestone planning.

Term sheet review: Some startups Dealflow works with are already in the middle of a fundraising round, or receive a term sheet in the course of our support. In these cases, the team is happy to review the terms of the investment and act as a sparring partner on topics relating to the economics or control components of investment.

Introductions – Investors & Corporate partners: Once the aforementioned materials are up-to-speed, Dealflow will activate its investor and corporate network to make warm investor introductions on behalf of portfolio startups. Working with the startup to identify shortlists of appropriate introductions for the startup’s needs, we will be in your corner to do our very best to support your fundraising goals.

Besides the active support listed above, Dealflow’s resource’s and guided business building curriculum provide leading advice to all startups interested in fundraising. If you have any further questions about support, please reach us at [email protected].