E-pitching event | Best EU-backed Female-led innovations  


Together with the European Commission, Dealflow.eu is honoured to welcome its first e-pitching event dedicated to female-led innovations. This event is co-organised with EurA AG and will take place on 16 May 2023 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CET). We will introduce you to six female CEO from some of the most promising EU-funded startups and to a panel of invited jury members. These innovators will present six Health-related businesses in sectors ranging from Biotech and Medtech to AI and Robotics. 

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Despite all the conquests in women rights for the last two centuries and being the fight for gender parity livelier than ever, women are still far from achieving a fair share in leading positions.  

In the business sector the disparity is worrying, as it is getting worse with the current economic crisis. According to Atomico’s report on The State of European Tech 2022, only 14% of founders and 28% of leaders are women. Moreover, 87% of European VC funding is raised by male-only companies and female-only companies saw a decrease of 3% to 1% between 2018 and 2022. The barriers faced by women are even higher for younger women as seed-stage funding shows the most pronounced difference. 

The European Commission (EC) is determined to close this gap and develops many instruments to support women entrepreneurs. Besides the EIC Women Leadership Programme, several support tools and networks, and many initiatives through the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), the EC also offers financial support and mentoring through the Women TechEU programme. 


This e-pitching will gather the following female-led startups: 

Hypercliq – IT / AI / Digital Health / Smart Building / Circular Design 

Hypercliq offers their expertise in developing Cloud data managements solutions, Machine Learning based data analysis and highly accessible data visualisation platforms in application areas with challenging requirements. They are currently extending the development of a data collection and visualisation platform for data collected by Body Sensor Networks. 

€1.5M sought – Greece 




Lizz Health – Healthcare/Digital Health/Robotics/Medical device 

Lizz Health is a 24/7 personalized healthcare companion that complements the healthcare professional care in personalizing and optimizing therapy. 

Best Independent Living Solution (Gold Winner of Future Digital Awards Health Innovation) 

€1.1M sought – The Netherlands 


Metatissue – Biotech, Health 

Metatissue is focused on developing human protein-based products that find application in cell culture, tissue engineering and disease modelling. Their biomaterials provide realistic microenvironments for cell culture allowing for greater cell-to-cell and cell-to-matrix interaction resemblance, thereby increasing the accuracy of in vitro studies. 

Women TechEU selected startup 

€2M – Portugal 


BiomimX – Life Science, Healthcare, Biotech 

BiomimX provides the most technologically advanced Organs-on-Chip (OoC) solution that allows to discover better and safer therapies, bringing human relevant data earlier in drug development. 

Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator 2022, Winner of WomenTech EU, Winner of Startcup Lombardia, Winner of EIT Headstart 

€5M sought – Italy 


Glycanostics – Biotechnology, Cancer diagnostics 

Glycanostics changes the way cancer is diagnosed. Giasay liquid biopsy is affordable, rapid, highly accurate, accessible and non-invasive immuno-assay. Their patented test can detect each of 11 specific tumours early, thus enabling patients to receive life-saving treatment and save healthcare systems high costs by preventing unnecessary biopsies. 

Winner CE Best Health-Tech and Best Social Impact Startup 2019, Winner Startup World Cup V4 in 2020. Funded by ERC grant and EIC Accelerator, SoE for EIC Transition. Medical Forge BioSaxony in 2023. 

€10M sought – Slovakia 



Precisis – MedTech 

Precisis specialises in the development of innovative medical devices. Its greatest success has been achieving CE mark for the minimally invasive brain pacemaker EASEE® for the treatment of focal epilepsies in adults. The next step is making the device available for children and teens with severe epilepsy. 

Winner of the Top100 2023, Finalist for the German Medical Award in 2019 

€40M sought – Germany 


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