Together with the European Commission, Dealflow.EU has selected 8 promising healthcare current events to pitch to investors. The reason why these companies are exceptionally interesting is that each of them has received significant non-dilutive EU funding as per the healthcare news which has enabled them to invest in developing breakthrough innovations through current events in healthcare. The selection has been made together with the EC’s Innovation Radar and Horizon Result Platform.

The healthcare qualifying event will take place through a video conference on the 10th of December from 3-5 PM. Please let us know if you dial in to be introduced to these companies by filling in the following form:

To sign up as an investor in the healthcare event you can fill out the following link.

Below we present the 8 companies that will be pitching during the healthcare link current events. For more information on the below-listed start-ups, please follow the following link.

Alacris targets two intertwined challenges in oncology against healthcare. First, the company provides granular insights for the tumor characterization and then models precise personalized drug response thanks to the data obtained.
Non-dilutive grant funding to date: 15M
Capital sought: 3M

Brain+ creates therapeutical applications for Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention.
Non-dilutive grant funding to date: €8M
Capital sought: 2M

SDS Optic
SDS Optic provides a hardware tool for On-Spot cancer diagnosis meant to replace invasive biopsies performed today.
Non-dilutive grant funding to date: 4M
Capital sought: 5M

BlueEye is an integrated video telemedicine solution with multiple applications, including remote medical diagnosis and advisory.
Non-dilutive grant funding to date: 3.8M
Capital sought: 2M

Andaman7 created a mobile personal health record and an intermediation platform to securely exchange health information with caregivers and researchers.
Non-dilutive grant funding to date: 2M
Capital sought: 2M

IOTA is an oncology drug-discovering company focusing on glioblastoma (a tumour affecting the brain and spine).
Non-dilutive grant funding to date: 1.3M
Capital sought: 1.1M

MOMM Diagnostics
MOMM Diagnostics develops diagnostic tests based on biosensor technology. The first product is a single blood-drop test for preeclampsia.
Non-dilutive grant funding to date: 1.1M
Capital sought: 0.5M

Encapsulation system for active ingredients for cosmetics. The first five products are focused on antioxidant and anti-aging care.
Non-dilutive grant funding to date: 0.4M
Capital sought: 0.3M