Matchmaking start-ups and investors in our e-pitching event on December 10th 

At the upcoming investor e-pitching event on December 10th, up to eight start-ups from the various EU funding programmes will present themselves to various leading European venture capitalists and angel investors. This time, selected start-ups from the companies examined by Innovation Radar and Horizon Results Platform will have the opportunity to showcase their healthcare-focused innovations, attract the attention of the investors, and convince them of their merits for their next financing rounds. 


What is the e-pitching event? 

The e-pitching event is a private all-virtual event hosted on Zoom, which takes place about once every 10 weeks. At the event, selected early-stage companies have the opportunity to introduce themselves within a 8-minute pitch including a 4-minute Q&A with investors. For the pitching event, pre-selects start-ups from a batch of related fields of industries, topics, and trends.   


What is the focus of this new batch? 

Every e-pitching event is designed around different topics, together with changing, cooperating partners. This time, the batch focuses on healthcare, with a special spotlight on cutting-edge advancements in tele-health and new ways to tackle the most severe illnesses. Together with our partner of the Innovation Radar & Horizon Results Platform of the European Commission, we set the stage for impacting start-ups.  


Are you an impact start-up?   

Apply here with your investor deck and other supporting materials including, until November 15th to take part in the e-pitching. To participate in one of our next e-pitching events, join the program, and receive our invitations: Apply here. We offer your start-up dedicated business acceleration & investment support on your EU-funded innovation to prepare you in the best possible way for the next e-pitching or the upcoming investor round.   


Are you an investor? 

Take part in the e-pitching event to see pre-selected start-ups of the healthcare batch pitching and add them to your portfolio. Get easy and fast access to start-ups from all over Europe and expand your network of impact ventures and start-ups focusing on healthcare. If you want to participate, reach out to us at [email protected] or register here.