These 7 promising EU-backed tech startups are disrupting the industry!

Together with the European Commission, has selected eight promising digital technology startups to pitch to investors. These startups are particularly interesting because each has received significant, non-dilutive EU funding that has enabled them to develop breakthrough innovations. This is a unique opportunity for early-stage VC funds and business angels to invest in highly innovative, low-risk companies with mature digital products.

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These high-growth opportunities to invest in startups are enabled by Dealflow and the European Commission. We get involved with the startups to help them reach their maximum potential.

We not only help them raise investments but also become sustainable startups in Europe.

The e-pitching event will take place through a video conference on the 4th of March from 3-5 pm.
Please let us know if you are interested in joining our event by signing up here:

The following dashboard highlights the eight EU backed tech startups. Qualified investors that sign up will also receive the respective pitch decks:

If you have a tech startup and you are willing to raise investment or looking forward to scaling your startup feel free to raise any questions through email [email protected].

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!