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Sustainability E-pitching event recap

On September 10th, hosted a sustainability-themed e-pitching event for the most promising Seal of Excellence companies from the last “Green Deal Call for proposals”. These companies were selected from more than 4000 applicants which applied to win €2.5m out of a total budget of over €300m from the EC.

Additional information concerning the companies, which had the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas to more than 70 investors can be found here.

As, we would like to thank all the participants once again for taking part in the event. We are also happy to announce that will soon be hosting the Innovation Radar Prize Award. The Innovation Radar (IR) is a European Commission initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation projects. The Innovation Radar has shortlisted 12 of the best EU-funded innovations to compete for the Innovation Radar Prize 2020.

The event will take place on September 24th and will see all the finalists deliver a pitch about their ground-breaking innovations and plans to get it to market. To register, please click here.

10th September Sustainability E-pitching, an organization backed by the European Commission to discover the most promising innovations in Europe and connect them with investors, will host a sustainability-themed e-pitching event for the best Seal of Excellence companies from the last “Green Deal Call for proposals” on the 10th of September from 3-5 pm. The companies have been selected from more than 4000 applicants which applied to win €2.5m out of a total budget of over €300m from the EC.

To sign up you can fill out the following survey or email

For more information about the 8 companies that will be pitching, see the below list or follow us here

Pili makes coloring dyes used in today’s manufacturing and food industry greener and more sustainable. The company produces industry-grade dyes using a biological process involving single-cell organisms that generate dyes as a by-product of their feeding cycle and reproduction cycle. Through such a process the company aims to reduce the environmental impact caused by the artificially produced dyes worldwide. Pili has been already gaining a lot of attention from the media and potential customers worldwide and has more than 60 customers lined up for the beginning of large-scale production.
Capital sought: €5-10m to invest in a large-scale plant

Building Material Mapping
GeoFluxus is an AI platform that maps, analyses, and predicts where, how, and which construction materials can be saved from becoming waste. GeoFluxus has been able to significantly reduce waste treatment costs for the seller (+60%), whilst providing a much cheaper (40% purchasing costs) and greener sourcing solution for the buyer (95% of CO2 per year in comparison to the virgin material purchase). Until now, the company has proven its technology in pilots together with the city of Amsterdam and the Rabobank. €110k have been raised in a pre-seed round.
Capital sought: €1.6m for business & sales development

Product Management
Makersite is a cloud-based SaaS platform enabling real-time assessment of supply chains. Its product management platform creates “digital twins” of physical products and analyses all dimensions in regulatory compliance, environmental impact, supply risk, and cost of production. The competitive advantage of Makersite is based on its real-time data combined with AI and fully external tools integration. The company is already operating and generating revenues at an increasing rate thanks to growing market size and an experienced team (expertise on product data and start-up launch).
Capital sought: €2m to scale-up sales

AgeVolt is building a democratization system for electric vehicles charging shifting the current paradigm pursued by the companies in the field. On top of the classical HW for charging, the company focus in on the SW platform enabling customers to turn their private charger into a shared economy device. Therefore, prices of the charging will be held low by the forces of competition and the whole society will have access to cheaper charging. In order to deliver the turn-key solution, AgeVolt focuses a lot of its efforts on the critical management of power used from the grid.
Capital sought: €1.7m to finalize the second type of the charger and roll out the platform

HVAC / Automotive
Skytree’s vision is to develop practical, easily deployable carbon removal solutions in daily life applications. Skytree’s first product more than halves the load on HVAC systems in electric vehicles (EVs), enables a 20% increase in EV range and blocks >80% of air pollution from entering the cabin, improving air quality.
R&D contracts have been closed with leading OEMs and several simulations have been conducted by the highly-qualified team. €1.6m have been raised so far.
Capital sought: €3m to accelerate time-to-market

Agriculture/ Food
BiomassProtein offers a franchise agreement, allowing local and regional farmers to establish a sustainable plant protein factory. The technology extracts plant proteins from one of the most common available and inexpensive green crops: grass. The plant-based protein can be used to produce different products: functional food protein, feed protein, organic fertilizer. Protein production has been validated at a pilot-scale with the market launch planned in 2023. >€1m has been raised for pilot production.
Capital sought: €1.5-2m for reaching market launch

Envola provides an energy-efficient heating and cooling system significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  Envola‘s climate technology consumes 40% less energy, consistently supports renewable energies through storage and networking, reduces CAPEX by 30%. Over the next years, the global market for HVAC systems will grow at an attractive rate. Starting from $181.0bn in 2018, the market is expected to grow to $251.6bn by 2023. The company is fully owned by the founders, which have invested a significant amount, and has not raised external funding yet.
Capital sought: €3m to go to market and scale the team

Energy production
IBIS Power provides revolutionary and innovative renewable energy solutions with highest impact to society. The company combines wind and solar energy generation with their innovative hardware solution placed on the top of residential buildings. Thanks to the innovative combination of the two power sources the company is able to make residential blocks almost fully self-sustainable in terms of energy usage. IBIS Power has already been installing their breakthrough solutions on multiple pilot project sites with great outcomes.
Capital sought: €5m for certification, IT automation and mass production

Dealflow’s Fundraising & Investor Material Support

While founders would prefer converting a new customer than modeling future revenues, compelling investor materials can make-or-break the fundraising process – and by extension influence the long-term chances of a company’s success.

Dealflow has been actively supporting a number of startups in their fundraising process with fundraising & investor material preparation. Once accepted into the Dealflow portfolio, we work with startups to support their individual needs. This may take one of the following formats:

Investor Decks: In one form or another, our portfolio companies will have prepared slide decks to raise capital – or at the very least – have sales conversations. Dealflow’s team comprising consultants and analysts from Deloitte Digital Ventures (Deloitte’s dedicated Company Builder) and HI Capital work with our portfolio companies on investor deck storylines, quality control and content (covered in more detail below). For some startups, feedback and slight tweaking might be welcome, for others, wholesale deck creation may be necessary to enable the founders to sell their company’s story compellingly to future investors.

Strategy & Content: It’s one thing to have an investor deck. It is another thing altogether for those decks to include validated market size estimates, competitive landscapes, pricing explanations and go-to-market plans. Working with startups on these content- and strategy-heavy topics, Dealflow ensures the contents of the investor materials are fair and valuable data-points to potential investors.

Financial Modelling: Hand-in-hand with the investor deck, Dealflow also supports startups to make financial projections based on leading market research resources in combination with a startup’s actual financial performance. Again, the level of support required will depend on the startup – but for early, highly technical teams – this kind of financial validation will not only help with discussions with investors but also form a basis for company expansion and milestone planning.

Term sheet review: Some startups Dealflow works with are already in the middle of a fundraising round, or receive a term sheet in the course of our support. In these cases, the team is happy to review the terms of the investment and act as a sparring partner on topics relating to the economics or control components of investment.

Introductions – Investors & Corporate partners: Once the aforementioned materials are up-to-speed, Dealflow will activate its investor and corporate network to make warm investor introductions on behalf of portfolio startups. Working with the startup to identify shortlists of appropriate introductions for the startup’s needs, we will be in your corner to do our very best to support your fundraising goals.

Besides the active support listed above, Dealflow’s resource’s and guided business building curriculum provide leading advice to all startups interested in fundraising. If you have any further questions about support, please reach us at [email protected].

New partnership between Business Angels Europe and

Dealflow.EU is proud to announce a promising partnership with Business Angels Europe (BAE) meant to help promising European innovations raise funding.

Business Angels Europe is the voice of angel investing in Europe, representing over 250 angel investor networks in leading European markets. As a driving force in the European start-up ecosystem, the association shares knowledge, expertise and opportunities among Europe’s leading innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. BAE collaborates closely with EU institutions to create an innovative and entrepreneurial Europe.

Investors will benefit from receiving curated deal flow and investment opportunities from which will exploit its team’s expertise in due diligence and fundraising to highlight the most promising innovations.

President of BAE, Luigi AMATI says:

“Business Angels Europe strongly supports the valorization of Europe’s deep tech research. We believe this to be fundamental to Europe’s future as an innovation leader. We are excited to partner with Dealflow.EU to bring those opportunities to our angel investors.”

Managing partner of H.I. Capital, Thijs POVEL, says: keeps identifying very promising start-ups all over Europe, characterized by a strong R&D department, excellent teams and still clean cap tables. We want to share these opportunities with investors focused on early-stage deals and support both parties in the investment process. Together with BAE, we are really looking forward to connecting investors and founders to create valuable opportunities and to scale-up these disrupting opportunities.“

With the objective to kick-off the collaboration and start introducing leading EU-funded startups to investors, will host an e-pitching event on the 10th of September around the topic of sustainability. All the interested investors can register to the event by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Join our sustainability-focused investor e-pitching event on September 10th

Matchmaking start-ups and investors in our e-pitching event on September 10  

At the upcoming investor e-pitching event on September 10up to ten start-ups from the Green Deal batch will present themselves to various leading European venture capitalists and angel investors. This time, selected start-ups from the EIC seal of excellence portfolio will have the opportunity to showcase their sustainability-focused innovations, attract the attention of the investors, and convince them of their merits for their next financing rounds.

What is the e-pitching event? 

The e-pitching event is a private all-virtual event hosted on Zoom, which takes place about once every 10 weeks. At the event, selected early-stage companies have the opportunity to introduce themselves within a 15-minute pitch including a 5-minute Q&A with investors. For the pitching event, pre-selects start-ups from a batch of related fields of industries, topics, and trends.  

What is the focus of this new batch? 

Every e-pitching event is designed around different topics, together with changing, cooperating partners. This time, the batch focuses on sustainability, with a special spotlight on climate change and environmental degradation. Inspired by the European Green Deal, start-ups can boost the efficient use of resources by cutting pollution, moving to a more circular economy and restoring biodiversity. Together with our partner of the Innovation Radar & Business Acceleration Services of the European Commission, we set the stage for impact start-ups. 

Are you an impact start-up?  

Apply with your investor deck and any other supporting materials including, e.g. your EIC proposal or business plan, until August 16 to take part in the e-pitching. Please send your materials to [email protected]. To participate in one of our next e-pitching events, join the program, and receive our invitations: Apply hereWe offer your start-up dedicated business acceleration & investment support on your EU-funded innovation to prepare you in the best possible way for the next e-pitching or the upcoming investor round. 

Are you an investor? 

Take part in the e-pitching event to see pre-selected start-ups of the sustainability batch pitching and add them to your portfolio. Get easy and fast access to start-ups from all over Europe, and expand your network of impact ventures and start-ups focusing on sustainability. If you want to participate, reach out to us at [email protected] or register here: 


Supporting EU start-up commercialisation through Joint Offering creation

One of the biggest challenges associated with scaling a highly technical or innovative product is developing relationships with large and often difficult-to-navigate corporate clients. To this end, Deloitte, one of Dealflow’s three consortium partners, has been working with a selection of Dealflow portfolio companies to develop Joint Offerings to introduce them to the corporate world. 


For young companies, especially those that originate from a research background, it can be difficult to establish a connection, close a deal, and run a project with a large enterprise. For start-ups, this process is difficult for more procedural reasons, like the fact enterprises often involve more parties in the sales process. Sometimes though, the problem stems from higher-order challenges, if for example, the enterprise has not outlined a clear strategy regarding how to approach a use case the start-up could solve.  


Naturally, the challenge is not one-sided. For enterprises, working with start-ups can be seen as risky business. If they have not worked together before, and the start up’s market standing is yet to be firmly established, deciding to work with a start-up can be a leap of faith and deeper due diligence than for usual vendors may be required. This also prolongs the already long sales cycle. Additionally, a start-up that provides a technical solution might not solve the enterprises entire problem – which may extend to determining how to integrate the technology within its own systems and data, defining how to generate revenue from the solution, and calculating where the new product or services strategically fits within the enterprise’s market positioning.  


The team from Deloitte then, which typically builds ventures for corporate clients, has been working with a selection of portfolio companies to reduce the friction on both sides of the fence through the creation of Joint Offerings. While providing the typical support offered through the program (such as investor & sales material improvements, personal introductions, and business development consulting), Deloitte is working with some start-ups to define ways in which a joint Deloitte-start-up approach would enable better collaborations at enterprises. 


For example, a start-up that offers technology to dramatically improve the speed with which employees are trained around ERP systems, might want to run a pilot with one of Germany’s largest automotive companies. A joint-offering between the start-up and Deloitte here, could involve any of the following: back-end technical implementation, transformation consulting around new ERP processes, strategic roll-out planning. In any of these situations, the partnership between start-up and Deloitte should deliver the client more value than a standard pilot 


No two Joint-Offerings developed between Deloitte and the start-up are the same. For start-ups that see value for Deloitte’s involvement in their enterprise sale and process, a tailored package will be created and defined to suit all capabilities and the clients’ needs. For more information, reach out to [email protected]. 

Infographic for Startups

The Startup Infographic summarises the services and opportunities that we offer to innovators.

Dealflow.EU has been selected to help commercialise EU funded innovations

Dealflow.EU aims to close the gap between investors and innovators (research teams, SMEs, spinoffs & start-ups) from both sides. On the one hand, by placing investors / partners in contact with research projects with the highest potential and on the other, to coach projects on raising capital, identifying a business model and developing a sound go-to-market strategy.

The approach will ensure scalability while simultaneously catering to the large diversity between the projects and their requirements. This is achieved by using data to select the projects with the highest market potential, followed by tailored support. Providing tailored support to each venture is needed as ownership structures, backgrounds, and challenges vary greatly between projects. Some researchers prefer to transfer or license their innovations as opposed to starting and running their own company. The key to success is to first understand each innovation, innovator, investor & partner; only then can their needs and potential be identified, ensuring they receive the right kind of support at the right stage.

This project will:

  1. Build a data driven matchmaking platform that can help investors, corporates and innovators discover each other
  2. Use this Matchmaking platform to discover the most promising innovations and provide dedicated support to these projects
  3. Introduce the most promising innovations to relevant corporates and investors

The team behind Dealflow.EU:

Dealflow.EU is a collaboration between Deloitte Digital Ventures, H.I. Capital and Together they bring the knowledge and resources required to make this project a success. With Dealroom, the project can deliver a cutting edge data platform, with H.I. Capital, the team can ensure rigorous due diligence is applied to select the most promising ventures and with Deloitte Digital, we can provide the best venture building support to these ventures. Together, the consortium will build a network of innovators and investors in order to bring more EU funded innovations to market.

If you are a startup and you would like to get in touch, then please fill in the following Survey:

If you are an investor and would like to join our Investment Community, then please fill out the form on our Investors Page:

To see our live beta version of the platform and register your venture or fund on it, please see:

We are a passionate consortium comprising H.I. Capital, Deloitte Digital GmbH, and Dealroom

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