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Take a look at our growing portfolio of amazing startups.

We are industry agnostic, so you will find a broad range of companies that have received funding through Horizon 2020 or other programs related to the European Commission.

Polaroo has developed a personal finance management platform enabling real-time analysis of household & SME utility services and seamless switching to lower-cost and sustainable providers (gas, electricity, water and more). Polaroo’s ecosystem provides data-driven cross and up-selling opportunities for providers. Polaroo is backed by Plug & Play.

Makersite has created a cloud-based SaaS platform enabling real-time assessment of supply chain modifications in terms of compliance, cost and sustainability. By creating digital twins for approximately 30% of global supply chain, Makersite provides coverage for ca. 90% global product manufacturing. Makersite has been founded by the ex-CTO of Thinkstep.

MuuseLabs, the Belgian startup behind Jooki, has been founded in 2014 by three geek dads, formerly with Google, Huawei and Barco. With their mix of technology and design skills and their love for music and kids, MuuseLabs aims to radically improve the music experience of kids in the 21st century.

1-VIA is developing high performance semiconductor solutions for the data centre, enterprise networking and high performance computing markets. Their aim is to enable next-generation 400GbE datacentres by providing better high-speed IO cables and transceivers using state of the art high speed IC’s.

We are a passionate consortium comprising H.I. Capital, Deloitte Digital GmbH, and Dealroom

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This Project has Received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Grant Agreement No 871614


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