Dealflow is selected to help commercialize EU funded innovations

Dealflow is selected to help commercialize EU funded innovations. Dealflow.EU aims to close the gap between investors and innovators (research teams, SMEs, spinoffs & start-ups) from both sides.

On the one hand, by placing investors/partners in contact with research projects with the highest potential and coaching projects on raising capital, identifying a business model and developing a sound go-to-market strategy.

The approach will ensure scalability while simultaneously catering to the large diversity between the projects and their requirements. This is achieved by using data to select the projects with the highest market potential, followed by tailored support.

Providing tailored support to each venture is needed as ownership structures, backgrounds, and challenges vary greatly between projects.

Some researchers prefer to transfer or license their innovations as opposed to starting and running their own company.

The key to success is to first understand each innovation, innovator, investor & partner; only then can their needs and potential be identified, ensuring they receive the right kind of support at the right stage.

This project will:

  1. Build a data-driven matchmaking platform that can help investors, corporates and innovators discover each other
  2. Use this Matchmaking platform to discover the most promising innovations and provide dedicated support to these projects
  3. Introduce the most promising innovations to relevant corporates and investors

The team behind Dealflow.EU:

Dealflow.EU is a collaboration between Deloitte Digital Ventures, H.I. Capital and Together they bring the knowledge and resources required to make this project a success.

With Dealroom, the project can deliver a cutting edge data platform, with H.I. Capital, the team can ensure rigorous due diligence is applied to select the most promising ventures and with Deloitte Digital, we can provide the best venture building support to these ventures.

Together, the consortium will build a network of innovators and investors to bring more EU funded innovations to the market.

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