Service Providers

Discover the hottest tools and service providers you will need to scale up your venture!

Service Providers have carefully selected the best-in-class services from the market and brought them to you! Use the table below to look for the service provider or tool that suits your business best. We covered a wide range of topics: Tech and IT; Sales (CRM); Growth and Marketing; HR and Office; Design; Legal; Finance; Product and Project Management. 

The goal is to help you save time in scouting different solutions, and provide you with the most reliable and efficient partners that will help you to achieve your goals!


Service Providers & Tools

We have identified 8 different categories of service providers and tools to help you to better scout the services based on your own needs. In the boxes below you can find summarized these 8 different categories with a clear overview on their subcategories and our top recommendations.

Use the list at the bottom of the page to find all the service providers and tools.

Tech & IT

  • The Tech & IT Category includes services and tools for API & Programming; Payment solutions; Hosting and domains; Monitoring;  Hardware; Ecommerce

    Our top recommendations:

    GitHub, AWS, Stripe

Sales (CRM)


  • The Sales category includes both Customer Services and CRM


    Our top recommendations:

    Hubspot, SalesForce, ZenDesk

Growth & Marketing

  • In Growth & Marketing there are tools and services for Digital Marketing; Emailing; Conversion; Analytics;PR and Communication


    Our top recommendations:

    Airtable, Buffer, Mailchimp

HR & Office


In HR and Office there are tools and services for Recruiting; Domiciliation; Office.

Our top recommendations: Ignition Program, IQ Office, IWG 


  • The Design Category includes services and tools for building Apps & Websites; Graphic Design; Branding.

    Our top Recommendations:

    Canva, Figma, Webflow


  • The Legal & Insurance Category includes services and tools for both Legal; Insurance.

    Our top Recommendations:

    Santarelli, Seedlegals, Zego

Product/ Project Management

  • The Project Management & 3PL Category includes services and tools for Product/Project Management; 3PL.

    Our top Recommendations:

    Asana, Notion, DHL


  • The Fundraising Category includes both incubators and accelerators, for mentoring, networking and/or access to finance, and investors lists


Our top recommendations:

OpenVC, Entrepreneur First, Founders Factory

Our Full Database Of Tools and Service Providers

Below you can discover our full database of tools and service providers that we have carefully collected for you!

Service Providers & Tools 

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These materials and resources are general in nature to be used by projects and startups at their own discretion. The consortium is not liable for any recommendations held within.