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The 8 most used Resources for Innovators 

Before starting, you can find a selection of the top 8 resources that founders normally look for. The goal is not to o provide a quick starting point for startup management teams across all the topics they typically face in building their company

Short Pitch Deck Template

Are you getting ready for your next e-pitching event or do you need a short version of your pitchdeck but you are not sure what to include? prepared a template presentation for the perfect 5 minutes pitch presentation.

Template provided by

Pitching in Front of Investors –

by Itxaso de Palacio

About the Do’s and Don’ts when pitching your innovation in front of investors explained by Itxaso de Palacio, partenr at Notion. Anything you need to know about approaching, pitching and negotiations with investors.

Video provided by Invetsor Horizon

There are a lot of great resources to learn about drip emails, but one of the best ways to see what’s working now is to study the email sequences of successful, fast-growing companies are sending to their leads now.

Article by Steli Efti, published on Close

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Cold reach out template – email

An investor receives on average 10 unsolicited emails per day and brings to you a series of template that  can help you improving the quality of cold emailing and ultimately see more success for both sides. 

Article by Steli Efti, published on Close

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The Real Definition of Growth Marketing

Growth marketers are emerging as a critical component of winning growth models. In this post, the authors share their definition of growth marketing, including how it powers the growth model and relates to other marketing domains

Article published on      Reforgeu

Standard Financial Model

Kruze Consulting have created several financial model that companies can use for free, discover and download  Excel spreadsheets that will help you create projections for your startup

Templates provided by Kruze Consulting

Model Documents by Startup Estonia

Startup Estonia and Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EstVCA) promote industry-standard legal documents so startups and investors can focus on company and deal-specific matters. 

Templates provided by Startup Estonia

How to win the talent war

This is a step-by-step guide to building company culture for small businesses. Even within the start-up universe, attracting and retaining the best talent requires more than a vision and a ping-pong table.

Report by Justwork

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