Discover the most innovative EU-backed sustainability Startups 2022

Meet Europe’s most innovative, early-stage sustainability startups, with huge scale-up potential and groundbreaking innovations!

Together with the European Commission, Dealflow is excited to host this e-pitching event, on 5th of April 2022 from 3pm to 5pm CET, to award the most promising sustainable startup that has emerged from EU-funded research and innovation projects.


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Sustainable and clean tech now represent essential, dynamic, and opportunity-rich industries. The investor interest in climate tech will continue to increase with new market opportunities for innovations. According to a report from PWC, investment from VC and PE into cleantech is growing exponentially and has reached $60 Bn over H1 2021 alone.  This represents a 210% increase from the amount invested in the 12 months prior!

With strong ambitions, favorable legislations and important budget, the European Union is aiming to reach a leader position by supporting and funding groundbreaking innovations ready to scale up.

During the e-pitching event, 6 EU-funded start ups will present their groundbreaking innovations and their scaling-up strategy, in front of a target audience of investors and corporates focused on the cleantech vertical. The best company will be awarded and will get a prize of support from the VC Builder team worth EUR 10k.

During this e-pitching event, the following six startups will present their innovative business case.  

Most Innovative Sustainable Startups

Lixea commercializes the Bioflex process that uses unwanted waste wood as a cheap raw material to produce affordable, high-quality chemicals, fuels and materials using low-cost ionic liquids to dissolve wood components.


LivinFarms develops, builds, and commercializes Plug&Play technology to transform food waste to high-quality ingredients for feed, food, and fertilizer, using insects.


Hysilabs is an energy and engineering company focused on developing a novel liquid carrier for hydrogen to enable mass transportation and storage for the deployment of hydrogen as an alternative clean fuel


Introfoc develops green home devices and renewable solutions created for energy savings in the consumer tech industries and smart cities.


Koala Lifter
Koala Lifter is a company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of autonomous self-climbing equipment for the operation, maintenance, and construction of Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbine  Generators (WTG).


TreaTech aims to process different wastewater streams, including the high-salt content effluents, and produce, without any pretreatment, clean and fresh water as well as valuable by-products such as biogas and minerals that can be recycled in new products like fertilizers.


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