On September 10th, Dealflow.EU hosted a sustainability events e-pitching themed for the most promising Seal of Excellence companies from the last “Green Deal Call for proposals”. These companies were selected from more than 4000 applicants which applied to win €2.5m out of a total budget of over €300m from the EC.

Additional information concerning the companies sustainable event ideas, which had the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas for their sustainability to more than 70 investors can be found here.

As Dealflow.EU, we would like to thank all the participants once again for taking part in the Sustainability Events. We are also happy to announce that Dealflow.EU will soon be hosting the Innovation Radar Prize Award. The Innovation Radar (IR) is a European Commission initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation projects. The Innovation Radar has shortlisted 12 of the best EU-funded innovations to compete for the Innovation Radar Prize 2020.

The sustainable event management finalized this idea and declared that this event will take place on September 24th and will see all the finalists deliver a pitch about their ground-breaking innovations and plan to get it to market. To register for the sustainability meeting please click here.