We are re-launching Dealflow.eu, an EU-funded project, on April 1st2022. The goal of the initiative is to significantly increase the number of new ventures created from EU funding and facilitate the discovery of promising EU innovations by investors.  

Innovation is key to improving the European economy, as high-growth companies are responsible for job creation and economic benefit. However, these innovations cannot systematically be brought to market due to little information available on research projects and difficulties for investors to discover promising startups coming from European Funding.   

This initiative builds on its forerunner project, under the same name, and follows the mission of Innovation Radar to overcome the information disparity and bridge the gap between research projects and investors.  

To accomplish this, it is crucial to leverage EU’s Innovation Radar and enrich it with third party data, so that innovations and investors can find each other to initiate funding rounds. This is exactly what the Dealflow project and its consortium can offer like no other, providing the Dealflow.eu matchmaking platform free of charge and promoting EU-funded R&I programmes as a source of dealflow for investors. 

The consortium will build upon the Matchmaking platform from the former project and further improve its capabilities, while delivering Tech Due Diligence and Venture Building Support. Dealroom and Linknovate will further enhance and strengthen the data available on the matchmaking platform. Crit IT will provide the Tech due diligence to the Innovation Radar to help de-risk innovations and further attract new investors.These tailored services will also include online matchmaking events led by  EurA AG.  

Sebastian Peck, Managing Partner of Kompas.VC stated:  
“As an investor you are always looking for proprietary deal flow. By leveraging this platform, we are able discover and support incredible innovations which have already been developed and de-risked from a technical point of view. The team that Thijs has built plays an incredibly important role in connecting EU-funded companies to potential investors who can provide the necessary capital to scale up successfully, thus strengthening the European tech sector ”.  


What’s in it for Investors  

To discover, select and contact the most promising EUfunded innovations, join the Dealflow.eu Platform. Here you can also update your investor profile, so that you in turn can also receive applications from relevant investment opportunities. 

What’s in it for Innovators  

Gain access to Europe’s leading investors through the matchmaking platform and the associated networking and e-pitching events. By filling in this application form, you can ask for further support and become discoverable and showcase your latest information on the platform.

More about the Innovation Radar:
The Innovation Radar is a European Commission initiative that focuses on identifying high potential innovations and key innovators in EU-funded research and innovation projects.
Relying on the unique methodology developed by the Joint Research Centre, the Innovation Radar categorizes EU-funded Innovations in terms of market maturity and disruptive potential, based on indicator systems.
Its main goal is to support innovators by suggesting a range of targeted actions and providing them with expert advice to fulfill their market potential. Also, it allows every citizen, public official, professional and business person to discover the outputs of these EU innovation funding. To learn more about the Innovation Radar, visit https://www.innoradar.eu/ 
Dealflow.eu receives financing from the EU via the Horizon Europe funded project INVEST, under the name: INVEST CSA –HORIZON (101058526).
If we’ve sparked your interest, more information will soon be available on www.dealflow.eu. You can subscribe to our newsletter (for investors; for startups) to stay ahead of all Dealflow.eu-related topics.