E-pitching event | Best EU-backed Blockchain innovators  


Dealflow.eu, together with the European Commission, is delighted to announce the blockchain e-pitching event to take place on 29 March 2023 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CET). During the event you will hear the most promising blockchain startups and learn about the current EU initiatives supporting the innovators and the blockchain ecosystem.

Continuing our series of the most successful EU-backed startups pitching to the investors, this event will be the first edition dedicated to Europe’s most disruptive blockchain innovators where five aspiring startups with innovations in the fields of IoT, supply chain, logistics, e-mobility and consent management will pitch their business plans to investors.

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Blockchain technology is one of the EU’s priorities, as the Union aims at becoming a leader in the sector and a home to significant platforms, applications and companies. The European Commission established a blockchain strategy based on European values, laws and regulations. European “gold standard” for blockchain foresees environmental sustainability, data protection, digital identity, high levels of cybersecurity and interoperability.  

European Commission is actively committed to building a pan-European blockchain infrastructure for the public sector, the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI). The Commission is also committed to promoting legal certainty by developing a legal framework covering, amongst others, digital assets and smart contracts.

The latest blockchain initiative by the European Commission is the European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox for innovative applications of distributed ledger technologies (DLT). The regulatory sandbox aims to provide legal certainty through facilitating regulatory dialogue and cooperation between innovators and regulators at the national and the EU level. Blockchain companies participating in the sandbox have the opportunity to demonstrate their innovative solutions and highlight their needs regarding regulatory guidance in a safe and confidential environment. They will receive legal advice from legal experts and be part of a constructive dialogue with national and EU regulators.

Other current initiatives from the European Commission include the European Blockchain Observatory & Forum (EUBOF), and the Anti-counterfeiting Blockathon Infrastructure.

On the Research and Innovation side, the EU provides funding through Horizon Europe and through the AI and Blockchain Investment Fund targeted to startups and early-stage ventures.

We are glad to announce that during our event Helen Köpman, Deputy Head of Unit for Digital Economy at the European Commission will introduce you to some of the above-mentioned European blockchain initiatives.

Blockchain innovators pitching: 

Sensefinity – IoT / Supply-Chain / Logistics  
Sensefinity is an IoT company that creates end-to-end visibility of complex logistic processes. From monitoring production to tracking the goods in real-time through global supply chains, Sensefinity provides real-time visibility, alarms and predictive analytics.

Partner with a TOP 3 global smartphone manufacturer. Winner of the Katapult Future Fest. Winner of EIT Digital.

€1M sought – Portugal



Circularise – Traceability / Supply chain/ Data security

Circularise is a Digital Product Passports and mass balance bookkeeping software provider founded in The Netherlands in 2016. Circularise’s software system helps suppliers in chemicals, plastics, battery materials, metals, and other industries to trace components and share their environmental footprint without risking sensitive data.

Finalist in the Circular Packaging Challenge, finalist in the eAwards Netherlands, nominated as a Top-25 global supply chain innovation company, finalist in the Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge 2022. Successful pilot projects with Porche, Neste, Borealis, LyondellBasell and other partners.

€2,5M  sought – The Netherlands


Navigato – IT / Smart e-mobility / Blockchain

 АI data-driven decentralized smart e-mobility marketplace! Navigato is the new Uber for electric mobility and serves businesses and end users simultaneously.

StartUp Weekend Sofia 2015 winner. Malta Blockchain IoT of the year 2019. The project is funded under Horizon 2020 by the European Union.

 €3-10M sought – Bulgaria


Minespider – Traceability software / Supply chain

Minespider is a sustainable supply chain solution for the future of EVs. Their traceability platform is designed for leading manufacturers and critical mineral producers. They enable improved battery production/recycling, decarbonization efforts, regulatory compliance, and critical mineral sourcing with blockchain-based Battery Passports.

Partnered with companies such as Ford, Renault, Google, Cisco, and Minsur. Tech lead for a €10M EV battery recycling project.

 €5M sought – Germany


Ecosteer – Consent Management

Ecosteer Data Visibility Control Overlay (DVCO) decentralizes data access control at its point of origin – any connected device – allowing data owners to unilaterally grant and revoke data visibility to selected third parties. DVCO enables neutral data exchanges, free from costs and liabilities associated with centralized consent management.

Patented multicast encryption scheme. Winner of EU WomenTech grant. Algorand grant. Prospects and initial clients in the Automotive, Energy and Banking sectors.



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