E-pitching event | Best EU-backed Health Tech innovations  


Together with the European Commission, Dealflow.eu is glad to present the upcoming Health Tech e-pitching, co-organised with EurA AG. This event will be held on 16 June 2023 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CET). We will present you six of the most disruptive EU-funded innovators who will pitch for a panel of invited jury members. These promising startups are developing their businesses in fields such as Digital Health, Corporate Wellbeing, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, IVD, Biotech and Regenerative Medicine.  

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Health technology is a diverse and innovative sector that plays a crucial role in Europe’s trade balance. Health technologies encompass products, services, and solutions that save and enhance people’s lives, contribute to sustainable healthcare, and provide value to patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare systems. The health technology industry offers a wide range of more than 500,000 products and solutions used in hospitals, community care, and homes.  

In the European Union, strict regulations govern the safety and performance of health technologies before and after they are available on the market. The sector is currently transitioning to new regulations for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. The health technology industry thrives on innovation, with significant investments in research and development. Patent applications in the field continue to grow, showcasing the industry’s commitment to advancements and the close collaboration with users. Health technology patents make up a significant proportion of applications filed with the European Patent Office, surpassing pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields.  

According to MedTech Europe’s Facts & Figures 2022, the European health technology industry is a significant employer, with over 800,000 direct employees. The industry’s employment accounts for approximately 0.3% of total employment in Europe. These jobs are highly productive, with an estimated value added per employee of €184,000. With more than 34,000 companies, the majority of which are small and medium-sized, the health technology sector plays a crucial role in Europe’s economy. Europe maintains a positive trade balance of €6 billion in medical devices, with the US, China, Japan, and Mexico as the main trade partners. 


For our Health Tech E-pitching event, we will meet the following 6 innovations: 

Lizz Health – Healthcare/ Digital Health/ Robotics/medical Device

Lizz Health is 24/7 personalized healthcare companion that complements the healthcare professional care in personalizing and optimizing therapy.

Best Independent Living Solution (Gold Winner of Future Digital Awards Health Innovation).

€1.1M sought – The Netherlands



Capsula – Digital Health/Smart City/Retail/Corporate Wellbeing 

The Phygital Ecosystem for a User Centric Care: Capsula is based on a physical touchpoint (Health Pod) where the user can get empowered thanks to self-tests about vitals and wellbeing parameters. Through a QR code, the user moves to Capsula digital touchpoint, where can be build a ‘Health Digital Twin’, enabling customised digital health services. 

Inno4cov19, Meditech Italy, Fast Tech Regione Lombardia, Finalist of the Deloitte Health & Biotech Accelerator. 

€1.4M sought – Italy 



HumanITcare – Healthtech 

HumanITcare’s mission is to radically improve people’s access to healthcare. They are achieving this by monitoring the health of millions of patients from home with the next generation of solutions to remotely monitor   hardware agnostic patients. They are currently working with more than 15 clients that include: hospitals, clinics and healthcare insurance in the EU, and soon in the US (2023-2024). 

Winner of the European Innovation Council (2.5M€ equity-free). 4YFN – Award winner on the Mobile World Congress 2022. SantanderX – Award as best technology solution. 

5M€ sought – Spain 


Genomtec – Medical Devices / Diagnostics / IVD 

Genomtec is a Molecular Diagnostics venture committed to introducing a fast mobile point of care testing platform with the goal to decentralize current laboratory testing practices. Their proprietary technology is able to integrate the whole diagnostic process onto one microfluidic lab-on-a-chip platform, automating the most cost and time-consuming analytical steps required for genetic testing of infectious diseases.  

1st Place at Next Health Investment Pitch by Amgen and ImpactCEE (2019). 1st place at Start Up Med competition organised by the 4th Health Challenges Congress (2019). 2nd Place at China Shenzhen Innovation & Entrepreneurship (2020). 1st Place at CVC Young Innovator Awards( 2018). 

€5M sought – Poland 


SPARTHA Medical – Medtech/Biotech/Consumer products 

SPARTHA Medical develops multifunctional, customised coatings (with antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties). The formulations can be applied to any kind of material (including living tissues), surface and geometry, and can inactivate viruses, kill antibiotic resistant bacteria and they are biocompatible and biodegradable. 

KTUR Walk of the Best (2022), EIC Accelerator Laureate (2021), Fond’Action Alsace Talents of the Future (2019), French National Bank of Investment i-Lab Laureate (2018). 

€5.1M sought – France 


Brinter – Biotech / Regenerative Medicine / Meniscus Repair 

Brinter’s 3D bioprinted Bio-Implants 

Brinter is disrupting the implant industry with their regenerative medicine bio-implants. They utilize their 3D bioprinting in a personalized medicine approach using the patient’s cells and the body’s own repair mechanisms.  

Their 3D bioprinted meniscus implants will improve medical outcomes for millions of patients’ meniscus repair surgery. 

€6M sought – Finland and USA 



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