E-pitching event | Best EU-backed Space Tech innovators  


We are pleased to present, backed by the European Commission, our first e-pitching event dedicated to Space Technology. This event will take place on 12 June 2024 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CET) and will gather nine of the most promising EU-funded startups and a panel of invited jury members. The nine innovators will unveil their groundbreaking projects, involving fields such as Aerospace, Aviation, Mining, Disaster Risk Management, Defence, Satellite Navigation and IoT. 

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As Dealroom’s Guide on Space Tech (produced in partnership with EESA, EUSPA and Fondazione E. Amaldi) points out, space innovation had been dominated by governments and competition between nations. However, space has become progressively commercialized, and the role of investors and companies grew to create the “New Space Economy”. 

Around €37B have been invested worldwide in Space Tech startups. European Upstream Space Tech (operating in space or developing products for space) peaked in 2021 with over €2.3B due to megarounds raised by OneWeb. After 2021, 2023 was the most active year ever. 

Since 2018, Europe has attracted more than a fifth of the worldwide VC funding in the Space Upstream sector, placing second only to the US. Europe notably lags behind in areas such as launch vehicles, space utilities, and space resource exploration. However, it shows strength in mission planning and control, communication and connectivity satellites (OneWeb), earth observation satellites, and ground infrastructure for satellites.  

Europe also shines in Space Science research, accounting for 40% of the most highly cited research in the field, nearly matching the 42% share of the US. 

Despite an overall 37% decrease in European VC funding, Space Tech grew and was one of the best-performing sectors in 2023, also outperforming the wider Deep Tech sector. 

European Upstream Space tech startups’ value now exceeds €16B, a significant leap from less than one billion a decade ago. Most of this value has been generated by startups founded since 2010, particularly those emerging from 2015 onwards. This reveals how young is the VC Space Tech ecosystem. 

Read more here: https://dealroom.co/guides/space-tech-europe 


Dealflow.eu’s Space Tech e-pitching will feature the following startups: 

Adaptronica – Space / Aviation 

Adaptronica is a small company of R&D profile operating in space and aviation sectors. The company took part in many research projects. One of them was Softland (Eurostars-2) aimed at developing a system of airbags for safe landing of ultralight aircrafts. First flight test was successfully performed with acceleration reduction to 5g at touchdown. 

€0.6 – €1M sought – Poland 


AIRMO– Climate / Energy / Space 

AIRMO – one source of truth for global, permissionless, scalable and near-real time greenhouse emissions monitoring via satellite observations to support efficient NET-0 transition. 

€10M sought – Germany 


Ecosophy – Space / IT / Disaster Risk Management 

EarthOS is a Software-as-a-Service platform that allows risk managers visualise, monitor and plan for extreme events. Using the intuitive interface, risk managers can access and run complex queries on earth observation data, set alerts, and develop interactive visualisations that can be shared with stakeholders. 

Winner of EUSPA mySPACE competition 2023 in prototype category. Finalist Deloitte Innovation Accelerator: Ventures for Impact 2024. 

€1M sought – Iceland 


M3 Systems – Space / Defence 

M3 Systems is born with GALILEO program by supporting space agencies (CNES, ESA). Their ambition is to provide robust and accurate positioning technologies for critical applications in Ground transport and Aerospace Defence markets. Today M3 Systems delivers GNSS test & measurement solutions, tomorrow they will extend their position on the value chain to be present on-board. 

MyEuspace Price 1st June 2022. 

€3M sought – France 


MetaSensing – Aerospace / Defence 

Metasensing is a technology company working in the Aerospace and Defence sector providing advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems for satellite, drone and manned aircraft. 

€40M sought – Italy  


Pangea Aerospace – Space / Aerospace / Defence 

Pangea Aerospace develops propulsion technologies for launchers, spaceplanes and satellites. Thanks to its proprietary cooling technology and additive manufacturing expertise, the company is able to provide advanced solutions at a fraction of the cost, drastically de-risking space transportation endeavours. 

€15M sought – Spain 


Rokubun– Satellite Navigation / Road / IoT 

Rokubun delivers accurate and scalable software navigation solutions that will unlock a massive business opportunity for mass-market precise navigation. 

ESNC 2018 – Catalonia Challenge Winner 2018. 

€1.5M – €2M sought – Spain 


Salutes Space – IT / Space Infrastructure / Autonomous Operations / Connectivity 

Salutes Space builds Intelligent computing infrastructure systems for autonomous operations in-space and on-earth. Salutes offer the AstraDroid, a space-ready AI platform which can be integrated into systems, providing them with ultra-low power AI capabilities and secure satellite connectivity. 

CASSINI Challenges Idea Track winners. CASSINI 5th Hackathon winners. ESA BIC incubatee and Top 100 Entreprenureship World Cup. 

€900K sought – Germany 


Syntony GNSS – Aerospace / Defence / Transportation / Mining 

Syntony GNSS has developed the only available technical solution allowing GPS/GALILEO extension for underground: road, rail and mining. GPS/GALILEO extension means that when the infrastructure is installed inside a tunnel, the user gets 2 functionalities: a standard GPS/GALILEO receiver will compute its position as it does outside, and it has an “INDOOR-RTK” mode allowing high precision. 

EY startup of the year. Air and Space Academy medal. Prix export Marco Polo. Septuors innovation price. 

€10M – €20M sought – France 


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