E-pitching event | Best EU-backed DeepTech innovators  

Meet Europe’s most promising DeepTech innovators in AI, IoT, Robotics, Materials and Electronics, with huge scale-up potential and groundbreaking innovations! Together with the European Commission, Dealflow.eu is excited to host this e-pitching event organized together with EurA AG, on 28 July 2022, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CET), to award the most promising DeepTech innovator that has emerged from EU-funded research and innovation projects. 

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The technological advances performed in 2020 by tech giants such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, META and more, made it clear that the powerful ecosystem is taking shape to transform the way we view modern technologies and AI. Successful DeepTech ventures bring together multiple talents of various expertise to solve a problem, and 97% of DeepTech ventures contribute to at least one of the UN’s sustainable development goals. 

The European Union is among those who want to look into the future with a thriving DeepTech industry. Based on data by Dealroom, last year European DeepTech companies were worth a combined €700 billion. 

During the e-pitching event, the following six startups and innovators will present their innovative business cases.   


Most Groundbreaking DeepTech Innovators 

Roboception – Industry 4.0 / Production Automation / Robot Vision 

With its innovative hardware and software products, Roboception is a pioneer in 3D sensor technology: They give the robot’s eyes and brains – and hence deliver key elements of our customer’s most forward-looking automation solutions.  

Winner of the iFDesign and Red Dot Design Award, EU Robotics Technology Transfer Award, Bavarian Innovation Award, EIT Manufacturing BoostUp! Bridge – Partnering with major industry players such as KUKA, Schmalz, and Schunk. 

 €5-10M sought, Germany. 




PICadvanced – Telecom / Smart Cities  

Innovative in the telecommunication market, offering disruptive products for access networks that enable 5G connectivity. PICadvanced develops optoelectronic solutions based on discrete and integrated optics for next-gen technologies, triggering the internet future and a better customer experience. Supported by its specialised team, customized electronics and mechanics, as well as services for automation processes, are provided, bringing new ideas to light.    

€20M sought, Portugal. 



Volograms – AR / VR / Metaverse 

Volograms has built a camera for the Metaverse, which solves one of its biggest bottlenecks: content creation. Volograms’ groundbreaking AI algorithms allow anyone to capture moving 3D humans directly with their smartphone. There is no need for dozens of cameras, a green-screen studio or any other specialised equipment.  

More than 2m 3D models processed – Working with 3 top telcos – Featured on CNN, Sky News and more – Winner of the Augmented World Expo “Best Use of AI” award. 

€4M sought, Ireland. 


Phononic Vibes – Infrastructure / Transportation / Appliances  

Phononic Vibes is a deep tech company focused on noise & vibrations reduction using metamaterials with a circular economy approach. The metamaterials allow the products to achieve high acoustic performance, design versatility and cost & mass reduction. Phononic Vibes services infrastructure companies with the first high-absorbing transparent noise barriers, appliances manufacturers with metamaterial-based high performances silencers and transportation companies with functionalised metamaterial layers, which allow mass saving and sound insulation.  

Partner with TOP 3 manufacturers: Deutsche Bahn, Adler Pelzer Group, Elica. 

€20M sought, Italy 


Hopsworks – AI / Deep Learning / Data Science 

Hopsworks is an enterprise software platform for the management of features and models for AI applications, that enables Data Scientists to easily and quickly develop features and make them reusable across different models. Hopsworks is available as a managed platform in the cloud, a serverless platform, or for deployment in your own data center. 

Hopsworks was the first open-source feature store for machine learning, is the only serverless feature store, and is the leading feature store platform for machine learning. 

€7M sought, Sweden 


 Actronika – IoT / Haptic Technologies / Human-machine Interphase 

Actronika offers a patented high-definition haptic technology, based on hardware and software solutions, which can reproduce the sense of touch into any human-machine interface. Through augmented sensory experiences, Actronika enhances the user experience with HMI and digital worlds for a better understanding, accessibility and appreciation. With 6 years of expertise and 30+ successful customer projects, they have developed solutions for different sectors i.e., virtual augmented reality, automotive, consumer electronics, mobile, and today are developing their end-products. 

“Palme d’Or” for innovative technologies 2022 with a French National Diploma of Merit and Prestige – Beneficiary of 3 European projects – 13 patents are filed. 

€7M sought, France 


More about the Innovation Radar  

The Innovation Radar is a European Commission initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation projects. Its goal is to allow every citizen, public official, professional and businessperson to discover the outputs of EU innovation funding and give them a chance to seek out innovators who could follow in the footsteps of companies such as Skype, TomTom, ARM Holdings, all of whom received EU funding in their early days. 

To learn more about the Innovation Radar,  visit https://www.innoradar.eu/   


More about Dealflow.eu 

Supported by the European Commission, Dealflow.eu discovers and supports the most promising EU-funded startups and connects them with relevant investors and corporates. The initiative was launched to help groundbreaking innovations secure the funding needed for their future commercialisation by offering them tailored support and matchmaking services.

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