E-pitching event | Best EU-backed Food & Agri Tech innovators  


We are glad to introduce, with the European Commission’s support, our upcoming e-pitching event dedicated to Food and Agri Tech. This event will happen on 11 July 2024 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CET) and will join six of the most innovative EU-funded startups and a panel of invited jury members. The six companies will reveal their groundbreaking businesses, including fields such as Agrifood, Industry 4.0, Fertilising, Organic Waste Management, Pharmaceutics, Biotechnology, Poultry and Alternative Protein.  

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According to Dealroom and Five Seasons Ventures’ Report on the State of FoodTech, this sector was the 6th most funded industry in Europe in 2023, receiving €4.2 billion in investments. This represents a 32% decline compared to the previous year, primarily due to difficulties in food delivery and logistics. The sector’s performance was slightly better than the overall 37% decrease in the European VC market. Excluding food logistics and delivery, FoodTech funding levels matched those of 2021 and were nearly equal to 2022 levels. 

In 2023, the European FoodTech sector saw the highest investments in alternative proteins, pet food, and aquaculture. Fertilisers experienced the most significant growth surge, while groceries and 10-minute delivery services saw substantial declines over the past two years. 

Regarding the impact of Climate Change, Foodlabs and Dealroom’s Report on Food for Climate highlights that the increasing frequency of heatwaves, floods, hurricanes, and wildfires reveal the growing effects of climate change, significantly straining our food production systems. Climate change has already damaged 23% of the EU’s agricultural land, leading to annual agricultural production losses of up to €166 billion. Overall, our food system is a major contributor to climate change, accounting for 34% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

To address past errors, initiatives like the Paris Agreement aim to enhance soil carbon stocks. Looking ahead, regenerative agriculture and water resource management will be vital strategies. The use of biotechnology and artificial intelligence can further accelerate progress. 

At Dubai’s COP 28, it was emphasised that building sustainable and climate-resilient food systems requires pursuing multiple goals simultaneously: decarbonising agriculture, restoring soils, ensuring safe and healthy food for all, and adapting to the new realities of climate change. 

European climate food startups secured €1,87 billion in 2023, matching the record high of 2022. However, projections for 2024 suggest a return to pre-pandemic levels due to a lack of large funding rounds. 


Dealflow.eu’s Food & Agri Tech e-pitching will feature the following startups: 

Microfy Systems – Agrifood Sector / Industry 4.0 

Microfy develops, manufactures, and commercialises affordable automated microscopes, powered by computer vision and AI, allowing non-lab users to carry their autonomous quality analysis within the agrifood industry. Accurate, fast, user-friendly, and affordable. 

EIT FOOD CERES 2023, RURALAPP 2023, 20Best Innovations 2024 Institute Cerda. 

€300K sought – Spain 


Cybeletech – Agriculture, Agritech 

The Digital Twin of living vegetal! Cybeletech produces data to enable productive and durable production strategies in Agriculture and Forestry.  

Microsoft Environmental Startup Accelerator 2024, Caisse des Dépôt 2024 Techsprint Winner.  

€2M sought – France 


AgriStarBio – Fertilising / Organic waste management 

AgriStarBio makes premium organomineral fertiliser from organic wastes, recycling all organic matter and nutrients, all in small modular facilities, right next to the waste source. 

The fertiliser delivers nutrients in a controlled manner, promotes soil microbiology, cationic exchange, and productivity, while preventing nutrient leaching and volatilisation.  

Tech Tour – Sustainability 2022 winner (Essen) Top presenting company. Acredita Portugal 2019 – Finalist.  

€2,5M sought – Portugal 


FarmPharma– Pharmaceutics/ Biotechnology 

FarmPharma develops an antibiotic-free immunostimulant InterferOx for the treatment and prevention of cattle infections for distribution to farmers who are forced to minimise the use of antibiotics in accordance with the governmental laws and regulations that have been developed due to the high risk of developing antibiotic resistance. 

€3M sought – Sweden 


eggXYt – FoodTech, AgTech, Poultry 

eggXYt makes layer chickens sex-detectable, ending the practice of male chick culling, which claims billions of lives annually. Their bioconvergent solution involves chickens with a sex-detectability trait and an electro-optical scanner. This technology allows rapid, accurate detection of male chicks in freshly laid eggs, without damaging the shell. 

Winner of the MassChallenge and MIT Solve awards. Distinguished by recognition from the FoodTech 500, AgriVest, and CER Prize. 

€4M sought – Israel 


KYANOS BIOTECHNOLOGIES – Food / Alternative protein 

Kyanos focuses on developing a sustainable and disruptive micro-algae-based protein production inspired by natural ecosystems. They use the symbiosis of microorganisms to improve production yields, traceability and minimise contamination. 

BEST MICROALGAE AWARD, Game Changer – 2020. EIT Food Award- 2021. Seal of Excellence of the European Community for the AFACTORY project of protein production from microalgae – 2020. CIC Innovation Business Award Jury’s Favourite – 2020. Climate KIC Award – 2018. Septuors Agri-food Award – 2020. 

€14M sought – France 


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