Have you heard about Dealflow.eu’s Multicorporate Matchmaking activities jointly organised with EurA AG? 


We are bringing together EU-funded innovators and innovations with investment- and innovation-driven Corporates headquartered in the EU to foster collaboration on different levels, namely:  

  • Further technological development (open innovation),  
  • Piloting of products/solutions,  
  • Purchase of solutions by corporate (commercial relation),  
  • Investment relation.  

The pitching innovators will: 

  • Get privileged access to European leading companies – a straightforward way to reach larger deals; 
  • Meet strategic partners and customers to validate disruptive solutions and accelerate market penetration;  
  • Collaborate with business-relevant counterparts on solutions that can best fit the market. 


Energy and Health Matchmaking Event 2023 


Together with the European Commission, Dealflow.eu will welcome its first Multicorporate Matchmaking event on14 and 15 March 2023. 

The first day of the event will be dedicated to fifteen of Europe’s most promising startups with solutions for the Health sector. They were selected b Medtronic to present their distinctive innovations, check them out here. 

On the second day of the event, we will meet fifteen of Europe’s most groundbreaking Energy innovators. They were selected by Galp and Vestas Ventures to present their unique businesses. Find more about these startups here. 


Are you an EU-funded innovator and are you interested in joining a Corporate Matchmaking event? Stay tuned to learn more about our activities and apply here if you want to participate in future events! 


Are you an EU Corporate and are you interested in meeting the most promising EU-funded innovators at the next event or participate as observer at this event? Express your interest here.


Meet the Corporates from our first Matchmaking event 


Health day 

Medtronic – Ireland 

Medtronic plc, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is the leading global healthcare technology company that boldly attacks the most challenging health problems facing humanity by searching out and finding solutions. 
Medtronic contributes to human welfare by the application of biomedical engineering in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments or appliances that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. 

Their mission — to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life — unites a global team of more than 95,000 people across 150 countries. Their technologies and therapies treat 70 health conditions and include cardiac devices, surgical robotics, insulin pumps, surgical tools, patient monitoring systems, and more. In the past year, Medtronic therapies improved the lives of 76 million+ people. Powered by their diverse knowledge, insatiable curiosity, and desire to help all those who need it, the corporate delivers innovative technologies that transform the lives of two people every second, every hour, every day.  


Energy day 

Galp – Portugal 

Galp is an energy company committed to developing efficient and sustainable solutions in its operations and its offers to customers. It creates simple, flexible and competitive solutions for the energy or mobility needs of businesses and individuals. Galp’s offer comprises various types of energy -electricity from renewables, natural gas or liquid fuel. As a producer, it operates in the extraction of oil and natural gas, being one of the largest Iberian producers of solar-based electricity. 

Galp contributes to the economic development of the 11 countries in which it operates and to the social progress of the communities that host it. Galp is, therefore, a leader in its sector in the main global sustainability indexes. 

The Galp Upcoming Energies platform comes as a response to the energy transition challenge and will invest up to €180m in Research, Development, and Innovation projects until 2025. The underlying concept is to establish an open door to the external community of research, development, and innovation. The Corporate Venture Capital function was launched in 2021, investing 20M euros in the Energy Impact Partners European fund. The team made its first direct investment in the company in 2022/23. 


Vestas Ventures  – Denmark 

Vestas Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturer with +154 GW of wind turbines installed in 87 countries. Vestas Ventures focusses on supporting Vestas on its journey to becoming the global leader in sustainable energy solutions. 

The core values of Vestas are Simplicity, Collaboration, Accountability, and Passion. Vestas Ventures evaluates opportunities through a strategic lens and is committed to delivering mutually valuable collaboration.  

An agile partner, investing globally across the venture funding cycle with a simple and efficient decision-making process. And a partner who is passionate, open and curious.  

Vestas Ventures is engaged in Venture Capital to: 

  1. Identify strategically important business opportunities and technologies that are in line with their investment areas and mid – to long-term strategic priorities, 
  1. Accelerate and fund emerging solutions outside Vestas with the ambition to utilize these internally when mature, 
  1. Engage and collaborate with startups to tap into new innovations and demonstrate Vestas’ desire to constantly improve its value proposition to our customers. 

Their 4 key investment areas are: 

  1. Long duration energy storage and flexibility solutions: i.e., technologies and solutions for long duration energy storage, energy storage management systems and solutions to improve grid flexibility and stability; 
  1. Power to X: i.e., indirect electrification (e.g., marine, aviation, cement, steel) and integration of renewables and electrolysis closely aligned to Vestas’ Power-to-X Strategy; 
  1. ‘High value’ generating wind solutions: i.e., emerging technologies and solutions that improve the attractiveness of utility-scale wind energy for onshore, offshore and service application; 
  1. Sustainable and advanced materials for wind turbines: i.e., innovative solutions to support Vestas’ Sustainability Strategy, new and advanced materials to improve circularity and recyclability of product portfolio and solutions for design, decommissioning manufacturing, procurement. 


More about the Innovation Radar 

 The Innovation Radar is a European Commission initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation projects. Its goal is to allow every citizen, public official, professional, and businessperson to discover the outputs of EU innovation funding and give them a chance to seek out innovators who could follow in the footsteps of companies such as Skype, TomTom, ARM Holdings, all of whom received EU funding in their early days. 

To learn more about the Innovation Radar, visit https://www.innoradar.eu/  


More about Dealflow.eu 

Supported by the European Commission, Dealflow.eu discovers and supports the most promising EU-funded innovators and connects them with relevant investors and corporates. The initiative was launched to help ground-breaking innovations secure the funding needed for their future commercialisation by offering them tailored support and matchmaking services. 


To learn more about Dealflow.eu, visit https://dealflow.eu/    


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