A Step-by-Step Guide to Elevating Your Innovation Profile


Exciting news! The Dealflow.eu Matchmaking Platform, the leading platform connecting investors with EU-funded innovators, now offers new potentials to give further visibility to your company and innovation. You can showcase your ideas and projects by adding links to pitch-decks, company summaries, funding achievements and much more to your profile.


Why Claim Your Page?


  1. Increased Visibility: Your innovation will be easily discoverable by a wide network of investors.
  2. Showcase Achievements: Highlight your participation in competitions and funding rounds, showcasing your startup’s growth and potential.
  3. Easy-to-Share ‘Online Pitch Deck’: Create a dynamic and up-to-date ‘online pitch deck’ that can be easily shared, facilitating smoother investor interactions.

Below find detailed step-by-step guides on how to claim your page or how to add your pitch deck to your profile.

How to claim your page?


Claiming your page is a straightforward process. Please follow these steps:

  1. Find Your Company Profile: Use the search bar on the Dealflow.eu Matchmaking Platform to locate your company’s profile.

  2. Edit Your Profile: Click the pencil icon located on the right side of your profile.
  3. Register and Update: Register using your work email, join the team, and start updating your company data to reflect the most recent developments and achievements.



How to add content to your page?


Click on ‘Add your Note’ to add more information about your organisation – like a link to a pitch deck, company summary or funding achievement – and tell the innovation ecosystem about a round you are looking to raise, or just raised.



Input your content and click ‘Save note’



Make sure that everything is looking good!



How to add your pitch deck?


One great idea is to create a ‘Note’ about your Pitch Deck, adding a google slides link to your pitch deck in restricted access mode to get an email once someone requests to see it – you decide whether you want to share it or not. Don’t forget to add in a good picture or gif to make your content stand out.

Just follow the guidance shown in ‘How to add content to your page?’ to add in the info in a ‘Note’:



In your google slides deck, you can set up a restricted link in this way: Click on “Share” in the top-right corner and then configure the link in the following way and press “Copy link” in the left-bottom corner of the pop-up.



Potential investors will see this page when they want to access your Pitch Deck and can easily drop you a note which you will receive via email to confirm:



How to claim your innovation?


Claiming your Innovation’s page is a straightforward process. Please follow these steps:

  1. Claim your company profile as indicated in this blogpost’s section on ‘How to claim your page?’


  2. Find Your Innovation’s Profile: Use the search bar on the Dealflow.eu Matchmaking Platform to locate your innovation’s profile.
  3. Edit Your Innovation: Click the ‘pencil’/’Edit’ icon located on the right side of your innovation’s profile.
  4. Claim your innovation: Click on ‘Add yourself and make edits’ to claim your innovation and start adding content.
  5. [optional] Add content to your innovations profile: Click on ‘Notes’ and then on ‘Add your Note’ to add content to your Innovation’s profile, see this blogpost’s section on How to add content to your page?‘.



Practical examples of content you can add


To give some examples of what kind of content you can upload and display on the platform, take a look at the follwing content of Arxum, a SaaS company in the pharma industry. See examples of a company summary, funding achievement announcement, key achievements & more (note titles underlined with the corresponding content below):


Understanding Arxum (company summary):


ARXUM has developed a disruptive SaaS solution for the pharmaceutical industry based on blockchain technology, which digitises and replaces inefficient paper-based processes and ensures data integrity required by GMP regulations for the pharmaceutical industry. The solution has been validated and implemented for the pharmaceutical industry. ISPE’s new GAMP5 publication in 2022, which provides the basis for validating software in the pharmaceutical industry, promotes blockchain technology as future technology for data integrity in the pharmaceutical industry, due to blockchain’s inherent data immutability.

ARXUM was founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneurs and in November 2022 we further strengthened the management team with an experienced manager from the pharmaceutical industry with his own entrepreneurial experience. We set up sales for Germany and France in spring 2022 and after the first customer in France we won 3 new customers within a short time. We also have a French subsidiary and our development team is located in Bulgaria.


Funding Achievements:


ARXUM has raised so far EUR 2.5 million from Venture Capital funds (C3 EOS VC, WFT Rheinland-Pfalz). ARXUM is also supported with grants from the EIC (European Innovation Council) in the amount of EUR 1.5 million, where we prevailed in a scrutinising selection process as an innovative company.


Key Achievements:


Software Product

ARXUM has built a software product portfolio that enables easy integration of blockchain technology to existing applications, ensuring compliance and data security in regulated sectors or digital traceability in Green Tech and the sustainability sector.

Pharma Industry compliant Software

In the GxP regulated Sector, together with validation partners, Arxum provides a complete validation package to take the solution in production, based on pre-validated modules and components.

Market launch

Successful market entry in Germany and France with first customers in Pharma Industry but also in Green Technology.


The Problems we solve in Life Science & Pharma:


Regulatory pressure on documentation and data:

An increasing challenge to manage regulatory documentation, quality and data integrity in Life Science, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Market increases pressure to digitise:

  • Archaic paper-based approaches, manual processes, and disparate systems cultivate vast inefficiencies as organisations struggle to use the right document versions, stay up to date with changing regulatory requirements, and ultimately achieve Operational Excellence
  • The issue of data integrity continues to be the focus of international surveillance authorities. The system design and controls should allow for easy detection of errors, mistakes and deviating results throughout the data life cycle. This is crucial.

Customer, Capital Providers, and Regulatory pressure on green Technology and Sustainability:

Customers and Capital Providers are increasingly demanding sustainably manufactured products and, in parallel, regulatory pressure is increasing and recycling requirements are becoming stricter, especially in Europe.

  • Evidence chains and certificates are playing an increasingly important role
  • CO2 allowance trading is just one outstanding example


Our Solution: 


ARXUM has developed a disruptive SaaS solution for the pharmaceutical industry based on blockchain technology, which in many cases today still replaces paper-based processes and ensures the data integrity required by GMP regulations for the pharmaceutical industry

The strength of this approach lies in the trust provided by the Smart Contract running on the blockchain, as it decides whether the latest events impact the validity of a laboratory analysis performed. There is no way to bypass this GxP-relevant business logic; no way to override the BLOCS rules and the history of the blockchain.

Laboratory control can be performed entirely digital, end-to-end transparency eradicates paper-based efforts and compliance risks surface in real-time.


ARXUM’s Business Model:



ARXUM is focusing on recurring license revenues (SaaS) from the products created so far. This will be added by project revenues for the integration of the existing solutions into the IT-environment of the clients.

Sales Activities 

ARXUM acquires customers through direct sales, but also by building a partner network of resellers. In 2022, the company’s own sales team in Germany and France was established and expanded. Arxum is partner in four publicly funded research projects, three more to start in Q4-2022 and in 2023, from which market access and business opportunities arise. ARXUM has realised first successful customer applications. These customers were acquired directly and form the first reference customers.

Sales Partners

Largest French pharmaceutical production cluster Polepharma signed a re-seller agreement. They are going to sell our solutions into their 400 member companies. Further partners are in acquisition.




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