Meet the 12 finalists of the Innovation Radar Prize 2022  


Together with the European Commission, is organising the Innovation Radar Prize e-pitching 2022, putting a spotlight on the high-potential innovations trying to get ‘out of the lab and into the market’.  

The Innovation Radar Prize is a unique opportunity to give visibility to those innovators showing the most promise on the journey of commercialisation. The Innovation Radar Prize Winner gets the opportunity to be featured in Euronews (see 2021’s winner here on Euronews).

A short list of innovations was selected from over 300 applicants by the Innovation Radar Committee and Committee and submitted for open voting to all citizens. 


The 12 finalists are running for 3 categories:  

  • Purpose-Driven & Green: Europe’s most encouraging innovators with pioneering businesses and great growth potential, while striving for a more environmentally sustainable future.
  • Disruptive Health: best-in-class EU-backed innovators in the life science and medical field.
  • Kickstarter: these are hidden gems that have not yet reached the market. The Kickstarter category represents high-potential innovations that are still in the early stage of development but have already a convincing and concrete go-to-market strategy.


The e-pitching event will take place via video conference on the 15th of November from 9:30 to 12:30 CET. All 12 innovators will pitch their innovation in front of a jury composed of investors and entrepreneurs, for 6 minutes followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. The session is followed by online Q&A Roundtables, where all attending investors can get the chance to talk to the innovators. The overall and category winners will be announced after the event. 

The participating projects are particularly interesting because each has received significant, non-dilutive, EU funding that has enabled them to develop breakthrough innovations. This is a unique opportunity for early-stage VC funds and business angels to invest in highly innovative low-risk companies with mature digital products.  

The event is open to everyone:  

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Discover the 12 finalists below:





Algaplus, Portugal,

ALGAplus farms and pre-processes high-quality organic seaweed for the national and international markets of food, cosmetics, feed additives, and green chemistry. This form of farming recreates what occurs naturally in the ecosystem: algae grow exclusively from the sunlight and nutrients left in the water by the fish (also farmed at ALGAplus in organic production), with no need of adding any fertiliser. This system promotes the bioremediation of the aquatic environment by reducing the amount of nitrogen and carbon compounds released.

Algaplus Innovation Radar Profile

INOQ, Germany,

INOQ develops plant-beneficial microbial biostimulants to support sustainable agriculture. Our products promote resilience to drought, promote plant growth, efficient nutrient uptake, water use and soil composition. The patented production process allows INOQ to produce high-quality and highly concentrated mycorrhiza formulations.

INOQ Innovation Radar Profile

R3 GIS, Italy,

GreenSpaces combines the efficient management of green urban infrastructure with the measurement and maximisation of environmental benefits like the reduction of urban heat islands, air amelioration, and carbon sequestration. Meteorological data and IoT sensors improve monitoring and allow for new functions like the calculation of the irrigation needs of trees and shrubs. Through GreenSpaces, cities can plan, monitor and document all activities in an efficient way, improving the safety of public areas and reducing the carbon footprint of maintenance activities.

R3 GIS Innovation Radar Profile

Svelte, Romania, 

Svelte designs, develops and manufactures machines and cutting-edge solutions for producing topologically optimised construction elements and freeform architectural panels 40 times faster than the methods used today, at industrial volumes, in one single and automated operation. In the architecture field, the use of this technology can reduce the cost of designing and producing a building’s envelope by up to 65%, while in construction it reduces the usage of concrete and respectively cement, water, sand, and aggregates by 40%. The technology uses 70-80% less energy than current solutions and can be deployed for on-site production as a factory-in-a-box.

Svelte Innovation Radar Profile


Biopix-T, Greece, 

The PEBBLE qcLAMP Platform is an affordable portable (point-of-care) molecular diagnostic device for the detection of pathogens and mutations in human healthcare, but also a platform which can be used for veterinary, food and industrial applications. Point of need/care testing is the future of diagnostics, leading to better healthcare through the facilitation of more frequent screening due to lower cost and broader accessibility, and thus to a faster response to any underlying issue.

Biopix-T Innovation Radar Profile


Healthentia is a software as Medical Device that connects patients through their smartphone devices with their physicians, who have access to a clinical dashboard. Patients suffering from a chronic disease report data through Healthentia, while vital signs and lifestyle data are captured from wearables and other medical devices and processed with ML to derive digital phenotypes and predict future outcomes. The main innovation is the smart way of processing Real World Data to drive digital therapeutic services, in the very regulated domain of healthcare.

Innovation Sprint Innovation Radar Profile

Nvision Imaging Technologies, Germany, 

NVision has developed a quantum-based platform which polarises natural metabolites, enabling these safe molecules to be used as an agent for imaging tumour metabolism via standard MRI. Metabolic MRI will allow clinicians to quickly determine which tumours are responding to systemic cancer therapies at the metabolic level, allowing non-responders to be moved onto another line of therapy in less than a week. NVision may lead to a revolution in care optimisation: better outcomes, less toxicity, and lower cost.

Nvision Innovation Radar Profile


Mia Hand is a first-hand prosthesis designed having in mind that people with different abilities should not hide them. It combines aesthetics and design with function. It is extremely customisable: the user can define the colour as well as the texture of the palm and back of the hand. The innovative and patented transmission mechanism allows the hand to perform the grasps and gestures used during 80% of the activities of daily living exploiting only three electric motors, saving on weight, cost, size and power consumption.

Prensilia Innovation Radar Profile


ABzero, Smart Medical Theatre Laboratory, Italy, | DIH-HERO innovation

ABzero is a start-up that offers the smart capsule, an autonomous multimodal system for the delivery of blood, emocomponents, organs and medicines that enables everyone to use drones according to regulations, ensuring delivery autonomously and immediately and in total safety for humans. The Smart Capsule, patented and based on artificial intelligence, is the first system to provide a specialised transport service for delicate and high-value products (such as blood, organs, tissue, and biological samples) that require quality control during transport.

ABzero Innovation Radar Profile

Polytechnic University of Madrid, Institute of Solar Energy (IES-UPM), Spain, | AMADEUS innovation

The AMADEUS innovation is a latent heat thermophotovoltaic battery that stores the surplus of renewable generation and produces combined heat and power on demand. The value proposition is the supply of a very cheap system that has a very high energy density, and high global efficiency, that is safe, flexible, compact, silent, recyclable, and scalable. The key to the innovation is the combination of silicon-based phase change materials, and solid-state thermophotovoltaic converters, resulting in a modular system that can be used in a broad range of applications to provide clean heat and electricity on demand.

UPM Innovation Radar Profile

University Of Cyprus, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Cyprus, | CIPROS innovation

CIPROS (Capital Investment Planning for Resilience Optimisation of Smart Grids) is a software tool that enables the combined utility of monitoring, operating, and investment planning of smart and resilient distribution systems. While necessary to tackle climate change and sustainability goals, the emerging highly digitalised and decentralised distribution grids are vulnerable to high-impact low-probability events (such as extreme weather, aggravated by climate change). CIPROS is the first of its kind to take a holistic approach to resilience-informed distribution grid investment planning and monitoring.

University of Cyprus Innovation Radar Profile

Digital Earth Solutions (spin-off of the Spanish National Research Council CSIC), Spain, | IMPRESSIVE innovation

To minimize the terrible impact generated by oil spills in the oceans, it is important to intercept and collect them in time before they spread and reach the coast. For this, it is essential to understand the movement of oil as a floating slick, but this task is complex as the effect of currents, winds and local tides come into play.
Based on a background consisting of 20 years of study in ocean dynamics at the research group of the CSIC, the EU-funded project IMPRESSIVE has developed a unique software able to predict within a few minutes and with high precision, the geographical evolution of any oil spill, forecasting its future trajectory in the ocean or studying its movement back in time to find its source.

CSIC Innovation Radar Profile

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