Meet the 12 finalists of the Innovation Radar Prize 2023  


We are thrilled to announce the 12 finalists of the Innovation Radar Prize 2023, which will pitch in front of a jury panel and an audience of potential investors during the Innovation Radar Summit 2023. 

The Innovation Radar Prize is a unique opportunity to give visibility to those innovators showing the most promise on the journey of commercialisation. A short list of innovations was selected from over 200 applicants by the Innovation Radar Committee and Committee and submitted for open voting to all citizens. The open voting gathered more than 1400 voters and was weighed against the judgment of outside evaluators, experts in the field. 

The Innovation Radar Summit will take place on 13 November at Microsoft Lisbon, very close to the Web Summit also happening in the same week.

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Jordina Arcal – Deputy CEO

Epilepsy is a worldwide chronic brain condition affecting approximately 50 million individuals. The primary concern is the sudden, unforeseen seizures that can cause serious accidents, particularly challenging for drug-resistant patients. The company mjn adress this global issue with a wearable medical device. This device is known for its clinical accuracy, provides early alerts to individuals living with drug-resistant epilepsy and their caregivers, warning them 1 to 3 minutes before a seizure occurs. By continuously monitoring brain activity with EEG-level precision through a discreet earpiece and utilizing embedded artificial intelligence algorithms, MJN-SERAS enhances safety, reduces accidents and anxiety, and ultimately improves the quality of life for those affected by this chronic condition.


Pharmista Technologies, Sweden 

Alice Mattsson – CEO

Women have been turning to the pregnancy test for decades but the problem is that available tests are difficult to interpret, pricy and most importantly, are single-use only. Pharmista Technologies want to take advantage of this underserved 1,5 BN market by developing the world’s first reusable pregnancy test, being easy to interpret, hygienic to use and 99 % accurate. This in turn will increase convenience-levels, eliminate the risk of miss-interpretation since the results will be displayed digitally , and lastly, reduce the consumption of hazardous, single-use plastic products.  Therefore, their innovation has a great potential to disrupt not only the pregnancy testing market, but the immunoassay market in whole.


Podbike, Norway,  

Anne-Lise Heggland – CEO and co-founder

Podbike, in the pursuit of revolutionizing personal mobility, has transformed the niche electric-assisted velomobile market into an appealing, mass-market phenomenon. Their innovative Podbike® FRIKAR® is a fully enclosed, weatherproof e-bike that combines car-like comfort with active mobility for short-distance journeys. With cutting-edge technology and a patented personal transport platform, Podbike offers a sustainable alternative that minimizes environmental impact while addressing practicality and safety concerns. This license-free, chainless e-bike is a game-changer, making cycling an attractive and eco-friendly choice for daily transportation. 

Fátima Lucas – CEP

ZYMVOL® pioneers green chemistry through computer simulations, harnessing the power of enzymes to accelerate industrial processes. While enzymes offer immense potential, the majority found in nature are unsuitable for industrial use. ZYMVOL® addresses this need by developing and optimizing enzymes, catering to industries like food, animal feed, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. Their groundbreaking software platforms enable faster and cost-effective enzyme discovery and design, maintaining an impressive 70-80% success rate. With plans to expand through AI-powered out-licensing, ZYMVOL® is poised to lead the way in green chemistry, offering sustainable enzymatic solutions to drive innovation and reduce environmental impact. 




José Martinez – CEO

Control systems currently applied to industrial processes may be based on different methodologies, but always use PID controllers. Control parameters are tuned for certain operating conditions, but when the process operating conditions change throughout its operation, these parameters can become detuned, deteriorating control performance, and introducing process instability. 
The fundamental difference between ADEX Technology and current control systems is that ADEX is based on a Self-Tuning Artificial Intelligence (ST AI) capable of identifying in real time the process dynamics and their variations with time. It accurately predict in real time the process variablesevolution and compute control actions that make the predicted evolution equal to the desired evolution, thus optimizing process performance. ADEX has bridged the gap between theory and practice that has existed for decades in process control, solving the so-called Control Problem of industrial processes. 


C2C-NewCap, Portugal, 

André Mão de Ferro – CEO

C2C-NewCap work with different applications. On automotive they work to provide more reliable energy storage systems for the heavy transportation industry. On electronic application intend to improve energy storage components so that electronic equipment lasts longer and can be miniaturized.


Carbon WatersFrance, 

Alban Chesneau – CEO

Carbon Waters developed Graph’Up. By harnessing the exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of graphene, they are redefining the balance between strength, durability, and weight reductionThey are commited to  revolutionize the industry by providing polymers that enhance performance, efficiency, and sustainability, driving the transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy sources while combating climate change.



Laurens van Graafeiland – CEO and founder

Sustonable is a circular design surface that uses post consumer recycled plastic bottles, recycled glass and natural stone. The decorative surface material can be used for kitchen tops, wall panels and other furniture. They have already reached 70% recycled content by using plastic waste and recycled glass. They decrease the need for natural stone by 80%. Their material can be re-used in our process instead of being downcycled.







Michal Satinsky – CEO

BatteryCheck helps companies safely operate the batteries they use inside of their devices. Instead of waiting for battery-related device failures, we provide continuous monitoring, and alerts, increasing battery life and optimizing energy usage. Predictive battery analytics service is designed to provide real-time insights into battery health and predict potential battery issues before they occur.

GreenWaves Technologies, France, 

Loic Lietar – CEO

GreenWaves Technologies specializes in developing application (DSP+AI) processor for energy constrained devices, with a primary focus on IoT and hearable markets. They are solving the dilemma of trading off performance for ease of programmability. Most of products development costs are SW.


InSilicoTrials Technologies,

Luca Emili – CEO

The life science industry has long faced the lengthy and costly process of developing new medical products. Clinical trials are a crucial step in the drug development process, but are also time-consuming, costly, and pose risks to patients. Digital Twin and Biosimulation are the answer to this problem. InSilicoTrials Technologies addresses the need for more efficient and effective clinical trials in the pharma industry by developing a new cloud-based platform of in silico tools to support new medical productsdevelopment and regulatory submission

SpinDrive, Finland,   

Nikita Uzhegov – COO

SpinDrive solves 24 BEUR special bearing problem by providing active magnetic bearings. Magnetic bearings are levitating the rotational part of the machine completely eliminating friction. They consist of the controller, sensors and actuators and have a similar operating principle as the Maglev train. This enables superior performance at higher rotational speeds, at least 15% lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions as well as completely oil-free operation. The IoT condition monitoring system has built-in displacement sensors which constantly gather data from the costumers equipment to prevent failures and enable predictive maintenance.



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