With each of our innovator stories, we get a chance to meet the people behind EU-funded ideas, which have the potential to change our future for the better. 

For this issue, we met Marco Filippi, CEO and co-founder of Volvero, an application designed for vehicle sharing. Volvero empowers both individual owners of vehicles and businesses like car rentals, dealers and corporate to rent their vehicles through a fully digitized customer journey. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they have engineered a more streamlined, intelligent, and secure car-sharing experience that bridges the gap between vehicle owners and individuals seeking a more efficient transportation solution. 

Volvero participated in Dealflow.eu’s E-pitching Event dedicated to Mobility.  

Volvero received €300K in EU funding from the EIT Urban Mobility, the EIT Climate KIC, and the Block.is program. 

Volvero is a game-changer in the market thanks to the technology innovation leaps. Volvero is wisely leveraging advanced technologies matched with a car-sharing service.

 Tell us more about yourself and your work?

Hi everyone; I am Marco, an inventor with four patents and a passion for startups, blockchain, food tech, and sustainability. I hold a degree in finance from Verona University and a second Master’s degree in Private Equity from the Luxembourgish Chamber of Commerce. My career began in a Hedge Fund, but my entrepreneurial spirit led me to found Volvero, where I have been recognized with a Fulbright Fellowship at Stanford, US. I excelled in both academics and sports, and I even ran my first marathon in April 2022.

Currently, I am the CEO of Volvero, a venture shaping the future of mobility and supported by institutions like EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Climate-KIC. My work embodies a commitment to innovation and sustainability, not just as a job, but as a lifestyle. 


What problem is your product solving and what makes its solution unique?

Volvero is a drive sharing app where owners can share their vehicles with drivers. Our app creates a system in which one can have access to a car, a motorcycle, or commercial vehicle in the most efficient and sustainable way saving time and money. By registering on our platform owners can set the sharing time, distance, price, and other terms, being able to accept or decline drivers’ request. At the same time, drivers are able to choose any vehicle and terms of sharing that best suit their needs. With the help of AI and advanced technologies, Volvero guarantees maximum security and transparency providing necessary information such as the performance of owners, drivers, and vehicles. Overcoming outdated paperwork, Volvero creates smart contracts at the start of the ride while one of a kind built-in insurance covers drivers and all kinds of vehicles.  

Volvero is a game-changer in the market thanks to the technology innovation leaps. Volvero is wisely leveraging advanced technologies matched with a car-sharing service. It offers an internally created insurance policy that covers various types of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, vans, etc.) of private and commercial owners. Moreover, it uses technology for data analytics of drivers’ behaviors. The software embedded in the app is based on data produced by the sensors of the mobile phones of drivers (satellite data, gyroscope and accelerometer). It collects data while driving and performs data analytics (AI) to give scores to users and third parties reducing hazardous conducts of users through gamification by rewarding them with credits that can be spent in the partnership program. All data, contracts and insurances are stored in a distributed ledger (blockchain) allowing for improved data transparency, reliability and maximum security. 

How did you start your journey, and where are you now on the road to achieving your ambition?

My journey began in finance, working for a Hedge Fund in Luxembourg and Malta and then for a VC in Menlo Park, California. However, my entrepreneurial drive steered me toward founding Volvero. I have come a long way, achieving what I think are notable result such as making it into the Fulbright program, being selected among 2500 candidates for the first ever ENI impact academy and more recently in Oct. ’23 being selected for the prestigious Spinelli Forum in Berlin, where 40 under-35 leaders from the EU meet for discussing the future of entrepreneurship and sustainability in Europe, thus gaining recognition in the field of mobility and sustainability.

Now, as CEO of Volvero, I am determined to transform the mobility industry and address pressing environmental challenges. My professional ambition is clear: to drive meaningful change in transportation and create a more sustainable future. From a more personal perspective I am trying to achieve a new personal best in marathon running, and I hope that is going to happen soon, in Venice (where cars do not exist!). 


What is the biggest impact EU-funding has had on your journey so far, and can you specify an outcome? 

EU funding has been instrumental in our journey. With €200k from EIT Urban Mobility, €50k from EIT Climate KIC, and €60k from the Block.is program, we bridged the funding gap that often challenges early-stage tech companies in Italy and the EU. This financial support enabled us to develop critical technology components for Volvero. One notable outcome is our ability to progress towards a sustainable and inclusive mobility solution, addressing pressing environmental challenges and providing cost-effective transportation alternatives. EU funding has been a vital catalyst for our progress. 

Have you already tested your product with clients? What was it like?

We have not only tested but launched Volvero, and the response has been outstanding. Our service is live with a growing user base, and it is greatly appreciated for its simplicity and excellent user experience. Users love Volvero because it provides convenient and cost-effective transportation solutions. Additionally, municipalities have embraced our service for its contribution to reducing traffic congestion and the number of vehicles on the road, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Vehicle rental companies also benefit from our streamlined service, enhancing their customer offerings. Notably, some corporations have expressed interest in adopting our solution as a white-label offering, recognizing its potential to transform mobility and transportation. 

What is your company’s greatest achievement to date?

Our greatest achievements to date encompass both industry recognition and significant commercial partnerships. On the industry front, we are extremely proud of being honored with the Tech Rocketship Award in London by the UK Ministry for Investment, acknowledging our tech innovation and entrepreneurial prowess. On a commercial note, our partnership with Ceccato Cars, one of Italy’s prominent car dealerships, stands out as a remarkable milestone. This collaboration significantly enhances our market presence and strengthens our position in the mobility sector. 


How do you see your company making a difference in the future?

At Volvero, we envision making a profound difference in the future by not only shaping the mobility landscape but also prioritizing social and environmental impacts. We are committed to fostering sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions that will reduce the environmental footprint associated with traditional vehicle ownership.

By promoting shared mobility and optimizing vehicle utilization, we aim to reduce congestion, pollution, and resource waste, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable world. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of communities by making transportation more affordable, accessible, and user-friendly, thereby addressing social equity and ensuring economic opportunities for a broader demographic. Our holistic approach to mobility is geared towards a future where transportation is convenient, efficient, and planet-friendly. 


Why is participating in Dealflow.eu’s e-pitching event and receiving their coaching important to you?

Participating in Dealflow.eu’s e-pitching event and benefiting from their coaching holds significant importance for us. It offered opportunity to learn and implement great business practices from industry experts, enhancing our overall entrepreneurial skills and strategies. Additionally, the exposure to a well-experienced network of industry leaders opened doors to collaborations, partnerships, and investments, which are essential for our growth and success in the competitive startup landscape. 


How would you define success and what keeps you going in the pursuit of it?

Success, to me, is defined by our ability to create a service that significantly enhances the quality of people’s lives while ensuring it remains accessible and user-centric. Volvero embodies this vision by simplifying transportation, reducing costs, and promoting sustainable mobility. Its user-friendly approach allows individuals to seamlessly share vehicles, thereby reducing congestion, environmental impact, and expenses. Knowing that our work directly contributes to a better quality of life and more sustainable communities is what keeps me passionately pursuing our mission. 

What do you need now to grow bigger?

To continue growing, we are extending our last funding round to make room for potential investors. Recent business opportunities have arisen, and we aim to seize them by expanding our team and seizing these exciting prospects. We are available via email at [email protected]

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